Savour the City: Must Try Bihar Traditional Food for Every Foodie

April 3, 2024

When it comes to Bihar, the first thing that comes to your mind is Litti Chokha. That’s undoubtedly one of the most popular delicacies of the state, but the state offers a lot more than that. There are dozens of foods, in the sweet and savoury category, that can satisfy your hunger pangs while giving you the authentic taste of Bihar. 

In this post, we’ve researched a few popular traditional foods of Bihar you should try on your next trip to the state.

Let’s check out some delicious and flavourful Bihari recipes that are loved by locals and tourists here.

Below are must try dishes from Bihar.

1. Balushahi


Balushahi is a donut-shaped flaky pastry made of flour and ghee, deep fried in oil, and filled with sweet Khoya filling. The resulting pastry is crunchy on the exterior and has a sweet, soft texture on the interior, which just melts in your mouth the moment you take a first bite. Balushahi is dipped into sugar syrup, adding extra sweetness to the recipe. 

Balushahi is people’s favourite during special events and festivals. You can experiment with the filling, but it usually consists of Khoya, cardamom, and cinnamon. Some chefs add a dash of saffron to give it a unique flavour, but that’s completely optional. Once filled, the dough is closed and deep-fried until it turns a little golden brown.

2. Kadhi Badi

Kadhi Badi

You may have already tasted Kadhi Pakoda, as it’s a famous Indian recipe popular in nearly all states. Kadhi Badi is the Bihari version of Kadhi Pakoda, which consists of small round-shaped Pakodas made of gram flour (Besan) and dipped in yoghurt-based curry. A lot of spices and ingredients are added to this savoury recipe to give it a salty and delicious taste. 

Kadhi Badi is mostly served with plain rice and Puris in Bihar. The curry is super creamy and Pakodas absorb the spicy flavours from the recipe, filling your taste buds with a savoury and salty taste. Kadhi Badi is an ideal dinner recipe for those looking for a lightweight, easy-to-stomach, yet super delicious meal. If you are in the mood for something simple and not too spicy, try Bihar’s version of Kadhi Badi.

3. Chandrakala


Bihar is famous for its sweet dishes, too. From Balushahi to Khaja,  there are many desserts that you might love to indulge in after lunch or dinner. One such sweet recipe that looks like Gujia, but is native to Bihar’s culinary heritage is Chandrakala. Also known as Pedakiya, Chandrakala is a heavenly treat for those with a sweet tooth. The outer layer is crispy and folded just like Gujia, while the inner part is filled with sweetened Khoya, dry fruits, cardamom, and coconut. 

4. Chana Ghugni

Chana Ghugni

Featuring a spicy and tangy flavour, Chana Ghugni is one of the commonly prepared, spicy delicacies from Bihar that makes a perfect evening snack. You can have it as a tea-time snack or serve it to guests as an evening snack. This Bihari recipe consists of boiled chickpeas, which are stir-fried with spices, onion, tomato, and lemon until the colour of the chickpea turns brown. You can garnish it with slices of onions, coriander leaves, green chilies, a lemon, and some chaat masala. 

Some variants of Chana Ghugni aso consist of chicken, mutton, and meat items to add extra protein to the dish. For gym lovers, the non-vegetarian version of Chana Ghugni is the best way to get the required amount of protein without compromising on your food choices. Fortunately, Chana Ghugni is a famous Bihari snack that can be found in street shops and restaurants. You can also have it as a starter. 

5. Mutton Kebabs

Mutton Kebabs

Bihar isn’t just about the vegetarian recipes and sweet dishes, but it’s equally popular for its non-vegetarian cuisines. For all those craving meat in the state, Bihar offers one of the finest and most delicious mutton Kebab that has just the right amount of saltiness and lots of spicy flavours, which are too good to be missed. 

From the aroma to the aftertaste, everything in Mutton Kebabs screams deliciousness. With the smoky flavour combined with a soft texture, Mutton Kebabs are your go-to starter dish. Like other snacks, Mutton Kebabs can be found at most street shops and restaurants. It’s served with onion slices, lemon, and green chilies. 

6. Kesar Peda

Kesar Peda

Kesar Peda is originally from Jharkhand but is a popular sweet recipe in Bihar too. As the name implies, Kesar Pedas are made of saffron and Khoya. They are incredibly sweet and delicious, plus the melt-in-mouth texture of the recipe makes it perfect for people of all ages. If you are craving something sweet after a spicy starter dish, try a bite of Kesar Peda. These round-shaped, soft Pedas are just fantastic. If you visit Bihar or the nearby regions, order Kesar Peda on Swiggy or indulge in this sweet delicacy at one of the sweet shops in the area and have the best time having this delicious dessert. 

7. Dal Pitha

Dal Pitha

Momos are quite famous in North Eastern and nearly all parts of India, and Bihar is not an exception. As the name suggests, the Pitha is made of rice flour and is filled with lentil stuffing. You can also add essential spices to lend it a unique and tangy taste. These dumplings can either be steamed or fried, depending on how you like them, and are served with chutneys of your choice. You can also add pickles to the stuffing to add extra spiciness to the dish. 

Dal Pitha makes an amazing breakfast recipe. It’s healthy, plus delicious with rich flavours and a spicy taste. There’s another variant of Dal Pitha for those who don’t want the rice flour dumplings. You can create the stuffing and fill it in the Chapati. 

8. Malpua


The fluffy pancakes of Bihar are made of rice flour, mashed bananas, milk, and sugar. The batter is fried and is dipped in sugar syrup. The outer layer of the Malpua has a crunchy texture, while the inner portion has a soft and sweet flavour. 

You can have Malpua with thick Rabdi to add some extra sweetness to the recipe. You can add cardamom, cinnamon, and other spices to add some extra flavours to the recipe. Overall, it’s a healthy and sweet breakfast dish for Biharis. Locals love it here. If you are planning to visit Bihar, try Malpua and enjoy this sweet delicacy with your loved ones.

9. Parwal Ki Mithai

Parwal Ki Mithai

Bihar never disappoints when it comes to sweet dishes. There are a wide variety of delicious desserts that taste incredibly amazing and Parwal Ki Mithai is one of them. Parwal is an old vegetable, which Biharis have turned into a mind-blowing sweet recipe that’s loved by all locals and tourists. It’s a famous traditional food of Bihar that’s prepared at weddings and festivals. The inner pulp of the vegetable is taken out, boiled, mixed with Khoya, and other special spices. It’s stuffed into the Parwal and garnished with almonds, saffron, and dry fruits. 

Bottom Line

These are some popular Bihar’s traditional foods that taste incredibly delicious and have perfect flavours. Bihar is definitely one of the popular destinations for foodies. If you love to explore different varieties of foods, plan a trip to Bihar and enjoy the delicious delicacies here. 

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