Introducing ‘Paw-ternity’ Policy for Pet Parents At Swiggy

April 11, 2024

Starting April 11, National Pet Day, the Policy will support employees on pet care and adoption 

On April 11th, National Pet Day, Swiggy is announcing the launch of our latest initiative for employees, the Swiggy Paw-ternity Policy. Designed to provide comprehensive support to our employees who are pet parents, the policy recognizes and honours their role in caring for their beloved companions.

At Swiggy, we’ve always been committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and support for our employees, and understand that parenthood comes in various forms. Building on our gender-neutral parental policy introduced in 2020, which provides substantial paid leave for primary and secondary caregivers, in addition to bonding leaves, and time off for adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage and IVF, we are now expanding our definition of parenthood to include pet parents as well. And that’s why, starting today, we’re announcing the Swiggy Paw-ternity Policy for all full-time employees.

New Pet/Adoption Leave: Employees will receive an additional paid day off (in addition to their annual leave entitlement) to welcome their new companions home. Whether it’s a playful puppy or a cuddly kitten, employees will have the time they need to help them settle in. Pet parents may opt for work-from-home during the settling-in period to provide comfort and support to their new family member.

Sick Leave: Pet parents can now use their casual or sick leave without hesitation to attend to the needs of their pets. Whether it’s for a routine vaccination or accompanying a sick or injured pet to a veterinary appointment, the policy allows employees to take the time off they need to care for their pets.

Bereavement Leave: We understand that saying goodbye to a beloved family member can be a deeply emotional and challenging experience. That’s why our bereavement leave will now cover pets, providing employees with the time they need to grieve and recover from the loss. 

We recognize the indispensable place pets hold in the lives of our employees and are dedicated to supporting them in every aspect of their journey with Swiggy’s pet care policy.

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