How Delivery Partner Insurance Works at Swiggy

April 13, 2024

All delivery partners on Swiggy get insurance benefits like accidental coverage, accidental death, accidental OPD, loss of pay and free, on-demand ambulance service. 

Swiggy pioneered insurance coverage in the Indian on-demand industry by providing insurance cover for our delivery partners as early as in 2015. In 2019, we took another industry-first step of extending this coverage to include the families of our delivery partners. This included Covid-related hospitalisation cover for family members during the pandemic.

All gig partners who deliver an order on Swiggy are given insurance cover for accident hospitalisation, accident fatality, accidental OPD, loss of pay up to 3 months, and free ambulance services.

The effectiveness of Swiggy’s insurance cover can be gauged from the fact that Swiggy has disbursed around INR 30 crores in insurance claims annually over the past few years. Over 15% of claims are related to family members of our delivery partners.

In the past year alone, Swiggy has extended insurance coverage to 12 lakh unique delivery partners under our policy. However, it’s important to note that on any given day, approximately 3.5 lakh partners actively engage in deliveries with us. This highlights the transient nature of gig work, where many individuals associate with us for varying durations, ranging from a few deliveries to several days, weeks, or even months. 

Given the nature of gig work, and flexibility it accords, a high number of partners register, but do not necessarily perform gig work on the platform consistently. We make every attempt to give the greatest insurance benefits to partners who are active on the platform.

Unlike most insurance covers, the premium for gig partners’ insurance at Swiggy is borne entirely by the company with zero contribution from the partner. The company actively works with the insurance provider to ensure that all eligible delivery partners can avail of the insurance cover that they are entitled to as per the policy.

All our delivery partners on Swiggy get insurance benefits like accidental coverage of INR 2 Lakhs, accidental death and disability cover of INR 10 Lakhs, accidental OPD of INR 10,000, loss of pay compensation up to 3 months in case of accident, and free, on-demand ambulance service right from their first order. These covers are amongst the best in the industry.

Delivery partners with higher engagement get incrementally better insurance benefits. These include  INR 1 lakh general hospitalisation cover, general loss of pay compensation up to 3 months, mobile insurance cover up to INR 5,000, hospitalisation coverage for dependents up to INR 1 lakh, maternity cover for spouse up to INR 40,000, and free ambulance service for delivery partners and their family members. 

Our efforts to ensure the best for our partners has been recognised by credible think tanks and research agencies Like Fairwork, rating us among the top platforms for various benefits including insurance.

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