Exploring the World of Pakoras: 10 Must-Try Varieties

June 1, 2024

We associate many foods with specific seasons. The familiar fragrance of pakoras fills the air with the first drop of rain. However, pakoras go beyond being a seasonal snack. These fried fritters frequently appear as starters at dinners, parties, and festive occasions or as a simple everyday appetizer with extreme savory goodness. You can enjoy pakoras in household kitchens, fine dining restaurants, and food carts. Their versatility has made them popular with international audiences. Simply put, pakoras are deep-fried snacks. All types of pakoras are coated with assorted ingredients, creating different flavors with each bite. Different types of pakora use vegetables and proteins, like chicken. Classic ingredients, such as onions, potatoes, spinach, and paneer, never fail to delight. Whether you are already a pakora fan or new to this tasty snack, pakoras will keep you hooked. You will crave them even after the monsoon season ends.

Let’s dive into 10 must-try varieties of pakoras

1. Aloo Pakoras

Aloo Pakoras

Of all the types of pakoras, the cult classic Aloo Pakora is every foodie’s favorite. A batter of chickpea flour wraps up the tender slices of potato. Staple spices like cumin, coriander, salt  and red chili add a burst of aroma. This pakora sensation is fried to be crispy outside and flavorful inside. Every piece is a different shape but carries the same goodness. The yellow pakora is dipped in green mint chutney. This makes it a double treat for your eyes and tongue.

2. Paneer Pakoras

Paneer Pakoras

Paneer is the most loved food item on every vegetarian’s menu. Paneer in besan batter mixed with spices gives this a special seat at the table. But they are far from such a simplistic description. You first marinate paneer in spices such as garam masala, cumin, ajwain, red chili, and hing (asafoetida). The thick flowy batter coats the paneer cubes followed by deep frying. It oozes with creamy deliciousness that waits to shine at the snack table.

3. Fish Pakoras

Fish Pakoras

Indian cuisine’s ability to combine specialty foods from multiple regions is extraordinary. This is a prime example in the hot topic of different types of pakoras. Now Fish and Chips is a beloved dish that can be confused with fish pakoras. However, the way of preparing these two dishes differs. These types of pakoras are made with Amritsari fish or other locally available options. It is marinated with a mix of lemon, ginger garlic paste, and other spices. These Fish pakoras taste quite delicious with tartar sauce.

4. Moong Dal Pakoras

Moong Dal Pakoras

Some pakoras go beyond the besan batter. This is a version that includes lentils (dal), so it stands out with distinction. Soaked and ground moong dal, onions, green chili, coriander, and sometimes curry leaves are used to prepare these pakoras. You can add the usual spices to the batter. These fritters are topped with chat masala for a kick. Enjoy this simple starter at a picnic, or serve it at high tea and get-togethers.

5. Bread Pakoras

 Bread Pakoras

These types of pakoras are a favorite snack, often enjoyed with tea or coffee. It is a typical North Indian breakfast or fast food on Mumbai’s streets. A similar dish in Southern India is called Bread Bajji. Nothing beats buying bread pakora from a street cart, wrapped in an old newspaper. Pair it with a hot masala chai or a chilled cold coffee. It consists of a layer of aloo masala between slices of bread. After a dip in the seasoned batter and a quick fry, you have a golden triangle. This is comfort food at its finest.

6. Onion Pakoras

Onion Pakoras

Onion Pakoras, a default favorite for most food lovers, never fail to impress. They have a crunch sound that every foodie is familiar with. The secret lies in similar-sized, thin-sliced onions. After adding the spices, they are coated with besan batter. Add a few mint leaves to give them a kick of freshness. These are seen in many restaurants’ starter platters. 

7. Mirchi Pakoras

Mirchi Pakoras

The name might remind you of a fiery dish, but it could be more spicy for an average chili eater. The green chili used is an enormous variety. The chili is first slit, and then you can take the seeds out. It is a popular street food and can be made either stuffed or plain. Add a spicy potato mixture to the green chili and coat it with a seasoned besan batter. A plain mirchi pakora is a bold mix of flavors, a taste you might find very addictive.

8. Lauki Pakoras

Lauki Pakoras

Lauki (bottle gourd) doesn’t get much applause except for its health benefits. But Indians transformed this humble veggie into a culinary surprise. In this pakora variety, besan and rice flour batter coats lauki slices. It has turmeric, cumin, coriander, ajwain, green chili, and red chili powder. This unlikely fusion is mouthwatering. Lauki pakoras are exceptional among all the different types of pakoras.

9. Chicken Pakoras

Chicken Pakoras

There are many different types of pakoras with vegetables. Unlike regular chicken bites, these bring West and East together—fried chicken with a touch of Indian ingredients. There are a couple of ways to make these chicken pakoras, but the best is the one with marination. In this process, chicken pieces are mixed with onions and green chili before you put them in the fryer. 

10. Prawn Pakoras

Let’s talk about a unique seafood delicacy: prawn pakoras. This is one of the different types of pakoras, few have imagined, yet it stands out among ocean delights. Any seasoned seafood enthusiast knows the steps to clean, devein, and peel prawns. Following this process, the prawns are coated in a spiced besan batter. You can’t help but appreciate the result. These fancy fritters are not only delicious but also packed with nutrition.

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1. What is a pakora made of?

Pakoras are fried snacks and they are made by coating ingredients in a spiced gram flour(besan) batter. The batter is then mixed with vegetables like potato, onion and paneer. Some recipes also include ground lentils (dal). You can add chicken, fish, and prawns for variations.

2. What are the other names of pakoras?

Pakoras are also called fritters as they are deep-fried. In some parts of India, people call this snack bhajiya or bhajji. 

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