5 Types of Barfi You Must Try To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

June 1, 2024

Barfi or some might spell it as Burfi, is a classic Indian sweet. Different types of barfi are available in the sweet shops. Barfi as a category in the sweets section is extra special. This simple sweet’s basic ingredients include ghee, whole milk and sugar. Adding more elements to the recipe creates different flavors and tastes. Some are made by evaporating milk until it thickens. Adding other ingredients follows this step. A seasoned chef chooses the ingredients with precision and experience to shape up a perfect barfi. Some of the traditional categories are Besan Barfi, Badam Barfi, Kaju Barfi and a few more that highlight the leader board. One quick look and you might confuse it with a fudge dessert. Barfi’s existence is not recent. You can trace its origin back to ancient India. During those times, Persian and Central Asian sweets influenced this sweet composition. Many types of barfi are symbols of celebration or offerings to God during prayers. Indian barfi types are a rainbow-like collection. There are colors in this sweet which are indefinable and there are flavors which are incredible. 

Discover 5 types of barfi for sweet cravings

1. Besan Barfi

Besan Barfi

It is a barfi variety that stands out with its unique fragrance. The roasted besan (gram flour) aroma fills the air, spreading far and wide. The first step marks the beginning of a promising sweet that melts in your mouth. Creating the right consistency for the sugar syrup requires practice and patience, as rushing can compromise the result. Made with ghee, sugar, and a variety of dry fruits, this barfi is a true delight. Whether bought or homemade, Besan barfi is often shared with loved ones, symbolizing love and devotion during worship or as a delectable dessert.

2. Badam Barfi

Badam Barfi

Badam Barfi is one of the premium types from the selection and is also called Almond Barfi or Badam Katli. Some different types of barfi are easy to make and this is one of them. In a few steps, you can prepare your sweet treat to share with your friends and family. Almond flour is one of the 4 ingredients in the recipe. It can be store-bought or made at home with blanched almonds (badam). Mix some cardamom with sugar syrup and ghee with the toasted flour. Place this dough in a dish and let it set for a few hours. Cut this sweet, which resembles whitish fudge, into squares and garnish it with dry fruits. 

3. Coconut Barfi

Coconut Barfi

Indian cuisine offers so many options for barfi, that one variety never seems enough. Coconut barfi has a couple of versions. Every household might have its recipe with some variations. It is also called Nariyal Barfi or Khopra Pak. Barfis made with pure fruit like coconut are often offered during puja or prayers. This medley is sometimes made with full-fat milk, condensed milk or mawa(khoya). These versions combine desiccated coconut or shredded coconut. After slowly cooking coconut, milk, and sugar, mix in cardamom. The fragrance lights up all the sensory organs. 

4. Chocolate Barfi

Chocolate Barfi

In just a few steps, you can prepare this tempting Chocolate Barfi, which demands your attention. Many barfi varieties use khoya for a rich, creamy texture, and this fudge-like barfi is no exception. However, whole milk or condensed milk can also be used to speed up the process. Many types of barfi use traditional ingredients but this one stands out with its exotic touch of cocoa powder. Add a dash of rose water while cooking the mixture to achieve a thick consistency. Pour the mixture into a greased pan to cool. This barfi, adorned with a garnish of dry fruits, looks exceptional. It’s a perfect gift for friends and family during festivals, celebrations, or dinner gatherings.

5. Kaju Ki Barfi

Kaju Ki Barfi

Of all the Indian barfi types, Kaju ki Barfi holds the record of the most sold and most loved barfis of all time. The halwais or the sweet shops line these diamond-shaped smooth delectables in the front. Smooth to touch and taste, Kaju Katli has been the easiest selection for any Indian in a mithai shop. Kaju rephrases to cashew. Katli translates to thin slices. This is a star sweet on festivals like Holi, Diwali or Navratri. Different types of barfi have different versions. But, Kaju Katli always tastes consistent and looks the same. The diamond shape is almost like its trademark. It includes pantry items like cashew powder, sugar, and cardamom. After boiling the sugar syrup, cook the powder with other ingredients. Then, decorate it with a beautiful silver varak. 

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An aisle full of different types of barfi is a common sight. No matter the size, an Indian sweet shop(mithai shop or halwai ki dukaan), is bustling with customers. The shopkeepers navigate the crowd with the ease of an expert. Festival months are the perfect example of such an overflow. They justify the hype and it is worth the effort. There is an easy fix for your cravings for Besan Barfi or Coconut Barfi. The solution does not involve following the long and complex recipe instructions. A quick search on Swiggy will help you find your favorite.


1. What is Barfi made of?

Barfi is made of milk and mawa (derived from milk). It also has sugar, ghee, dry fruits, and aromatic spices like cardamom and saffron. Sometimes, people also use rose water or kewra water(fragrant Indian floral water). Flour like gram flour, almond flour, rava(semolina) flour is also used.

2. What is the origin of Barfi sweet?

There are Influences of Persian and Central Asia. Several varieties first originated centuries ago in ancient India.

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