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June 1, 2024

Eggs are an extremely versatile food item that you can eat boiled, scrambled, poached, as an omelet, and in several other ways. One very interesting and delicious way to eat an egg would be in a curry. In the absence of food ingredients or other options, an Egg Curry could come to your rescue. It is made with tomatoes(pureed or chunky), onion garlic paste and a few other staple spices. Boiled eggs are dunked in the gravy and a hearty and healthy meal is ready. You can choose to fry them too. Some prefer to crumble the yolk and mix it in the gravy for a creamy texture. This is the most simplistic description because the types of egg curry available will fill you with excitement. People make egg curry with variations in their gravy. Interesting add-ins provide this dish with a whole new taste spectrum. According to the 20th-century cook Alan Davidson, Egg Curry originated in a basic Awadhi Kitchen. A cook experimented and gave a delicious passage to a genus of egg curry like Goan Egg Curry or Chettinad Egg Curry. He deep-fried boiled eggs enclosed in minced meat. The result was an outstanding savory dish which spread its flavor around the world. 

Exploring 6 Delicious Types of Egg Curry

1. Goan Egg Curry

Goan Egg Curry

Goan Egg Curry comes from Goa, one of the Southern states of India in the western region, a coastal area that’s famous for its remarkable seafood. This egg curry found its way and became one of the special delicacies in this region. A rich gravy is a constant element in this dish. A tangy tomato-based gravy, along with three other special ingredients, gives this dish a distinct taste. The tanginess comes from tamarind. Coconut cream and poppy seeds are the other two additions which makes it different from other styles.

2. Dim-er Kosha

Dim-er Kosha

Inspired by the renowned chicken or mutton kosha recipes, dim-er-kosha is a delectable interpretation of egg curry from the state of Bengal. It has a medley of different spices in its gravy and egg preparation. This sets it apart from other known options. The eggs and potato chunks(an important add-on) are marinated and fried separately in turmeric. The next step is to prepare the gravy, a thick, rich and spicy gravy which is topped with ghee and special garam masala. Kosha originates from Koshano, a slow cooking style that uses less water and dim means egg. As they say, good things come to those who wait. So hang in there to devour this Bengali speciality with rice or rotis.

3. Palak Egg

Palak Egg

This is one of the most exciting mergers that your stomach, your health and your taste buds would thank you for. Many forms of egg curry have their roots in a particular region but this one is famous all over. Palak is a Hindi term for Spinach. Eggs and spinach come together packing a punch of nutrition. This green leafy vegetable is full of iron, vitamin C, E etc. Mix the puréed palak with tomato gravy. The gravy contains the staples from whole and ground spices. A tempering blend of garlic and whole red chili makes it even more irresistible.

4. Bagara Egg Masala

Bagara Egg Masala

A Hyderabadi delicacy “Bagara Baingan” inspired one of the most exotic types of egg curry. Unlike other gravy-based curries which have a base of onion and tomatoes, Bagara Egg Masala begs to differ. A paste of coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds is cooked slowly with other specific spices, both whole and ground. The addition of tamarind paste enhances its flavor to another level. If you want to try a rare variety, this one is excellent among different types of egg curry.

5. Chettinad Egg Curry

Chettinad Egg Curry

This is another regional crowd puller in the long list of types of curry. It comes from the Chettinad region in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. Chettinad is famous for its extremely delicious and fiery cuisine. The list of Chettinad specialities is extensive. An aromatic affair where whole spices like cumin, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, peppercorns, coconut, red chili etc are dry roasted followed by grinding them to a powder. Roast mustard seeds, onions, ginger garlic paste and then tomatoes are added to complete the gravy. Boiled eggs wrapped in this gravy are best eaten with steamed rice or flatbreads.

6. Malvani Egg Curry

Malvani Egg Curry

The Southern region of Konkan in India is responsible for this yet another variation among different types of egg curry. Goan and Maharashtrian cooking styles dominate the cuisines of this region. Malvani Egg Curry’s USP is the Malvani Masala which is made by dry roasting and grinding a basket full of whole spices. Some people add Kokum as well instead of Tamarind paste. These star ingredients are added to the gravy, which is then cooked until it leaves the sides of the pan. In the end, add eggs and enjoy them with any kind of roti or rice.

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Egg Curry is a complete wholesome and nutritional package. It has flavors from mild to spicy and many check marks on the nutrition chart. Versions abound from India to Africa, and from Thailand to the Caribbean. Order this tasty dish with the click of a button through the Swiggy app. We, at Swiggy, understand people’s needs and came up with a solution to order food online as we deliver it to your doorstep.


1. Is Egg Curry veg or non-veg?

Non-vegetarian food can be defined as something that includes flesh or has life. Technically, Eggs do not fall under that category. One can consider Egg Curry a vegetarian dish. 

2. What goes well with Egg Curry

Egg Curry tastes best with flatbreads like chapati, tandoori roti, naan, or parathas. Steamed or Jeera Rice are also recommended.

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