6 Delicious Types of Laddu To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

June 1, 2024

Laddus are round-shaped desserts, iconic of traditional Indian sweets offered during worship. Besan Laddu stands out as a symbol of devotion, especially favored to please Lord Ganesh. Festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and Diwali are just a few of the auspicious celebrations where laddus are cherished and chosen from an array of sweet treats. The popularity of laddu is intertwined with joy, happiness, and festivity.

Step outside any temple in India, and you’ll be greeted by numerous types of laddu options, each with its unique flavor, texture, and ingredients. From the rich and nutty Besan Laddu to the fragrant and sweet Coconut Laddu, there’s a different types of laddu for every palate. In Indian culture, these laddus are not just desserts but offerings of gratitude to the deities, a way of showing our appreciation for their blessings.

But laddus are not just a modern-day indulgence. They have a rich history that dates back centuries. In ancient times, specific laddus were not just treats but were given to pregnant women for their healing and medicinal properties. Ingredients like sesame seeds, jaggery, ginger powder (sonth), and peanuts were carefully chosen for their nutritional benefits, making laddus not just delicious but also healthful.

Each laddu type boasts distinct flavors and textures, ranging from bold and nutty to fruity and rich. They can be made using gram flour (besan), semolina (sooji), wheat flour, nuts, sugar, or jaggery, with ghee as the primary binding ingredient. Certain kinds are chosen specifically for particular festivals, making these delicious round balls much more than traditional sweets—they are an integral part of cultural and festive traditions.

Taste these 6 delicious types of laddu

1. Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor Laddu is the star of the laddu family, a quintessential choice for festive occasions. Many people fondly recall receiving these laddus in school during Independence Day celebrations, a testament to their enduring popularity. The secret to their appeal lies in their preparation and ingredients.

As the name suggests, Motichoor Laddu is made by frying besan into tiny pearls, or “moti.” These delicate balls are infused with the flavors of saffron, cashew, sugar, and other ingredients. The right consistency of ghee ensures that each laddu melts in your mouth, delivering a delightful burst of sweetness and richness. This combination of texture and taste makes Motichoor Laddu a reliable and beloved choice for any celebration.

2. Bundi Laddu

Bundi Laddu

Motichoor Laddu and Bundi Laddu may seem similar but their difference lies in the texture and taste. This form of laddu is a traditional sweet made by soaking fried mini balls of besan in sugar syrup. The size of these balls, also called “bundi”, is way smaller than Motichoor laddus. Some laddus have a rough feel because of the coarse nuts added to them but Bundi laddu is very soft. These laddus grace many festivals, weddings and other celebrations.

3. Besan Laddu

Besan Laddu

While Motichoor and Besan Laddus are popular and different types of laddus choices, Besan Laddu remains a timeless classic. This laddu melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering roasted flavor long after you finish eating it. The preparation process, particularly the roasting of besan, requires finesse and patience. This step is crucial for achieving the laddu’s distinctive taste.

To make this laddu type, the besan is roasted until it turns aromatic and golden, forming a crumbly dough. Sugar and ghee are then added to bind the mixture. The dough is shaped into small balls and then garnished with nuts like cashews or almonds. The result is a delectable sweet that perfectly balances texture and flavor, making it a beloved treat for any occasion.

4. Til Laddu

Til Laddu

Til, also known as sesame seeds, is often combined with jaggery (gud) to create a delightful laddu that lights up your palate just as Indians light up their homes on Diwali. Despite their small size, these laddus are packed with nutrition and taste. They are rich in fiber and antioxidants, providing a quick surge of energy.

The addition of peanuts gives these laddus a crunchy, nutty texture, while some people like to enhance the mixture with coconut for added flavor. The recipe is simple and requires only a few ingredients. Ground peanuts and sesame seeds are mixed with a slurry of melted jaggery. Once combined, the mixture is shaped into small, round laddus.

These types of laddus are especially popular during the festival of Makar Sankranti, celebrated for their rich flavor and nutritional benefits. The simplicity of the recipe and the wholesome ingredients make Til Laddus a beloved treat for any festive occasion.

5. Churma Laddu

Churma Laddu

Churma laddu is a well-known sweet that comes from the state of Rajasthan and a few other Northern parts of India. In the diverse land of laddus, this regional laddu is a mouthwatering sweet and it usually accompanies dishes like Dal Baati. During pujas on Ganesh Chaturthi, people make Churma Laddu as a special offering. Unlike Til laddus, this recipe takes time but the result is worth the effort. It is made by making a dough of wheat flour with ghee. Small balls or dumplings of this dough are fried and then coarsely ground. You can make it with either sugar or jaggery and then you can add spices, like nutmeg and cardamom. Lastly, you need to bind them and enjoy this delicious dessert. 

6. Punjabi Pinni

Punjabi Pinni

Pinni, a Punjabi delicacy, is a hearty dessert that stands out among the various types of laddus for its unique ingredients and wholesome goodness. Made with an array of dry fruits and nuts, Pinni is known for providing energy and strength, making it a favorite treat in Punjabi households.

The recipe typically includes wheat flour along with other flours such as semolina or ground urad dal. Additionally, Gondh, or edible gum, is often added for its medicinal qualities.

To prepare Pinni, each ingredient is separately roasted and ground before being combined with good quality ghee to form a dense dough. With its rich texture and wholesome ingredients, Pinni is not just a dessert but a symbol of tradition and warmth, cherished by generations of Punjabi families.

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Laddus are those sweet treats which carry a bag full of childhood memories for a lot of folks. We are partial to its goodness in all its forms. They satisfy the sweet cravings while keeping a healthy footnote to this indulgence. The cooking time varies according to the type of laddu you want but now the wait is over as Swiggy delivers from a restaurant of your choice, right to your doorstep. 


1. What is Laddu made of?

Laddu is made of flour, sugar and ghee(clarified butter). Dry fruits, nuts and seeds are added in some laddu types. Some laddus use aromatic spices such as cardamom, saffron, and nutmeg. They also include other unique additions.

2. Which state is famous for Laddu in India?

Andhra Pradesh, a South Indian state is most famous for laddus. Northern states like Rajasthan and Punjab also have traditional laddu types.

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