7 Easy and Yummy Fish Dishes You Should Try

June 2, 2024

Welcome to the pleasurable world of cooking with fish! Whether you have always been a fan of seafood or simply can’t wait to try something new, cooking fish dishes can be a fun and pleasant experience. An expanse of this seafood variety brings forth a collection of flavors, cultural exploration, and health benefits when utilized in Indian cuisine. A lean meat protein, Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamins and many other benefits related to asthma, auto-immune, insomnia and more. Fish is a crucial component in the diet of Indians from the coastal regions, but few inlanders know about the flavors and dozens of possibilities it offers. There have been recipes passed down from generations which is a simple example of how cooking fish in a household is a family affair. People cook specific recipes on special occasions, festivals, weddings, etc. They signify celebration, gathering and an opportunity to make memories over a meal enjoyed together. From a simple variety of fish fry to majestic fish biryani, you feel the love and comfort in these recipes. Enjoy the ease and intensity of taste that fish has to offer and rejoice in its taste of culture in Indian recipes.

Exploring 7 Delicious Fish Dishes

1. Fish Bhunna

Fish Bhunna

Several fish recipes are fast and easy to make. Fish Bhunna, though rich in masala, is an easy recipe to follow which results in a mouth-watering dish. Bhunna refers to frying spices followed by onion, tomatoes and ginger-garlic, in very hot oil. You do not add a lot of water in this process. The Bhunna cooks until it evaporates all the water and oil separates from the edges of the pan. After this, cover the marinated fish and let it cook in the pan for a few minutes. An uncomplicated affair, Fish Bhunna hails the top spot as a variant.

2. Fish Soup

Fish Soup

The contents of a fish menu are full of a variety of fish fry. A slight deviation leads us to Fish Soup. Seafood lovers might find this one a lot more appealing. It is made with simple ingredients like fish(of your choice) filets, arrowroot powder, lemon, egg, salt and black pepper. A few more pantry spices and vegetables go in the mix. It integrates the subtle taste of fish with rich aromas of herbs and veggies to deliver a full bowl of healthy and wholesome supper.

3. Amritsari Fish

Amritsari Fish

Amritsari Fish is one of the many medal-worthy food inventions from the vibrant state of Punjab, India. This dish exhibits spicy and bold flavors with spices like carom seeds(ajwain), red chili powder, turmeric etc. In this recipe, Cod and Tilapia, among other fish varieties, are the preferred choices. Fish filets are marinated with ginger garlic paste and lemon for a few hours. An easy pan fry or deep fry of the fish coated with a batter of gram flour completes this delicious appetizer. A perfect symbiosis of crispy exterior with flavorful spicy interior. 

4. Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani

Like many other fish variety dishes, Fish Biryani is an easy recipe. In the case of marinated fish, unlike Chicken or Mutton Biryani, it doesn’t require prolonged keeping. An express fish dish with the use of staple whole and ground spices as in any other biryani, used in moderation to prevent the fish from losing its flavor. You layer Basmati rice with pan-fried fish and gravy, and season it with aromas of saffron. A topping of caramelized onions makes it an exquisite show stopper of the dinner table.

5. Grilled Fish with Ginger Sauce

Grilled Fish with Ginger Sauce

A complete U-turn from a variety of fish fry, Grilled Fish with Ginger Sauce is yet another striking member in the chart of fish pickings. This is an unconventional recipe compared to Indian cuisine. The smokiness of the grilled fish lifts the subtle flavors of add-ins like lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce, vinegar, ginger etc, in this dish. Best served with steamed rice, this one looks like a fine-dining restaurant’s masterpiece.

6. Fish Mappas

Fish Mappas

A large chunk of the coastal region covers the Southern part of India. Home to countless fish staples, this one comes from the state of Kerala. A must-try, Fish Mappas is a gravy based dish made with coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, Kokum and other staple ground spices. The gravy cooks with fish pieces in it topped with a tempering of curry leaves in the end. Enjoyed with hot appams(resembles small idli), it’s any seafoodie’s delight.

7. Fish Ceviche

Fish Ceviche

The dish is popular in the Pacific coastal regions of western South America. An expert in Mexican flavors recommends using any fresh fish filet like Halibut or Snapper for their mild flavor. Copious amounts of citrusy lemon juice marinate the fish. Dice and toss fish pieces with fresh salad veggies such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olives, green chilis, fresh coriander leaves, and avocados. It is an easy no-cook appetizer which speaks volumes about its simplicity and flavors.

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In India, Fish Bhunna is one of the favorites among the many fish cuisines. Sushi, Ceviche, Fish and Chips are a few others from around the world.

2. What fish is easy to cook?

Salmon, Tuna, Cod and Halibut are a few types of fish that are easy to cook.

3. What is the tastiest fish?

People consider Salmon to be the tastiest fish.

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