5 Types of Vada Pav You Should Definitely Try

June 2, 2024

In India’s city of Mumbai, located in the state of Maharashtra, one of the most cherished street foods is the Vada Pav. Unlike other major Indian cities such as Delhi and Kolkata, Mumbai has a diverse history of regional, colonial influences on its culinary practices. The stigma of being a street food, however, does little to accurately represent the scope of its origins and development. “Thele Wala” is the term used in the local language to refer to a street food vendor and Ashok Vaidya ran one such Thela in 1975. In search to offer a quick food option for the city’s mill workers, he ended up inventing this filling and affordable snack. It served his exact purpose. You can grab it on the go, eat it quickly, and get enough calories to last for hours. With many types of vada pav that throng the market now, the classic still remains the most liked. Vada is a deep-fried ball of spicy potato mixture with a batter of gram flour(besan) coating. Pav refers to soft rolls of square bread or buns. Vada is sandwiched between the pav with a spread of a couple of chutneys. Both factory laborers and white-collared executives find Vada Pav’s popularity unbiased and appealing. The fanciest of cars line up outside Vada Pav carts on the streets. This simple snack is diverse and brings people together from all walks of life, an unsaid motto of the city of Mumbai. 

Join me to learn more about many Vada Pav options that continue to tell a vivid tale of their culinary journey. 

Exploring 5 unique types of Vada Pav

1. Jain Vada Pav

Jain Vada Pav

A Vada Pav variety that caters to a religious food preference. Potato being an underground stem vegetable, is the main reason why the Jain religion prohibits it. People have invented and modified Vada Pav according to their tastes and cultures. So instead of potato mix, you use Bananas to make a savory mixture to make the fritters. The dressings are also different from the usual dry red chili garlic chutney. This is an interesting take on the many flavors and different types of vada pav.

2. Chinese Vada Pav

Chinese Vada Pav is an ingenious invention in the catalog of vada pav. It certifies the ability of Indians to experiment and invent with a range of unique flavors. The snack fuses the aloo vada with Chinese spices and sauces to create a vegetable patty that includes soy sauce, chili, ginger, and garlic. Soft pav embraces the spicy patty with chili-garlic chutney that creates a perfect blend of flavors. A perfect example of Mumbai’s multi-cultural lifestyle and global cuisine that is popular with locals and tourists.

3. Chicken Vada Pav

This is a Vada Pav variety that puts a tasty new spin on the beloved street food. It is a recipe that adds chicken to the standard potato vada. This spicy patty’s batter includes whisked eggs. In the world of non-vegetarian cuisine, it is also known as “Shami”. Every bite of spicy chicken patty kissed with soft pav and chutneys will excite your appetite. Mumbai has pockets full of small restaurants and street food vendors and some of them specialize in this non-vegetarian dish.

4. Crispy Veg Vada Pav

Another interesting version of Vada Pav records a new type in the culinary books. The crispy-crunchy aloo patty, with extra veggies like carrots and peas, replaces the classic aloo vada, also known as Batata Vada. It has a tasty, contrasting texture and it also contrasts with the softness of buns and spiced potato mix. This recipe variation will leave you craving for more. The cook rolls and encases the spiced patty with breadcrumbs to create a golden, crusty cover. It is often served with a dressing of mayonnaise, sliced onions and tomatoes.

5. Aloo Tikki Vada Pav

These are a departure from the fried fritters version. They offer a healthy yet tasty twist on this cult-favorite appetizer. The stuffing for this vada pav uses boiled and mashed potatoes. These are wound with a mix of spices, herbs, finely chopped onions and coriander leaves. This tikki, also known as a patty, is then shallow fried in a pan or simply toasted in less oil or ghee in a skillet. This is a special kind that doesn’t give away its distinct taste with minor variations. Serve it the usual way with a spread of dry garlic chutney and fresh green chutney.

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The popularity, simplicity and fondness of different types of vada pav sums up the imaginative genius of Mumbai’s street food. It is a novel food item which now has global acclaim. If you were born and raised in India, then the nostalgia for this evergreen dish would be quite strong. You can relive the same taste and goodness in the comfort of your home now. Order your favorites with a click of a button and get them delivered right to your doorstep.


1. Is Vada Pav healthy or unhealthy?

All types of Vada Pav use pav, which is a bread made of refined flour. Vada is a deep-fried fritter that contains trans fats. Eating too many potatoes leads to weight gain. This is due to extra calories and carbs. One should consume Vada Pav occasionally to avoid its unhealthy effects on the body.

2. Is Vada Pav junk food?

Some might put it in the junk food category due to deep-frying and the use of bread.

3. Where Vada Pav is originated?

Vada Pav was first invented in Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. From here, it became famous across the country, and now many parts of the world.

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