10 Eateries In Mumbai That Are Perfect For Every Kind Of Seafood Craving


Craving the local Bombil Duck fry or a plate of exquisite sushi rolls? No matter what your seafood style is, there’s an eatery in Mumbai that will cater to your palate. Here are 10 eateries in Mumbai that you must try right away for its sensational seafood!

1. Hangla’s, Andheri West

While Hangla’s Kolkata-style biryani and rolls are a must-try, we can’t resist their equally delicious Fish Chop for a perfect snack-time indulgence!

Popular seafood dish

Fish Chop

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2. Jai Hind Lunch Home, Dadar West

If your tastebuds are craving authentic Konkan seafood, then Jai Hind Lunch Home is the treat they deserve!

Popular seafood dish

Prawns Koliwada

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3. Pop Tate’s, Mulund West

Got the munchies for seafood? Pop Tate’s got just the right ones for you!

Popular seafood dish

Fish Fingers

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4. Gomantak, Dadar West

Don’t know about you, but we can’t resist Gomantak’s crunchy deep-fried prawns & pomfrets! What’s more? Their Bombil Fry is also quite good.

Popular seafood dish

Prawn Fry

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5. Bhojohori Manna, Andheri West

When the question is Bengali food (seafood or otherwise), the answer is always Bhojohori Manna! We wouldn’t have it any other way either.

Popular seafood dish

Maccher Chop

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Another recommended dish to try? The house favourite: Bhetki Rongpuri Fry!


6. Malvan Samudra, Ghatkopar

If you want to try the unique Malvani cuisine originating from South Konkan regions, Malvan Samudra is one restaurant you definitely can’t miss out on!

Popular seafood dish

Pomfret Fry

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7. The Fatty Bao, Powai

We love the Pan-Asian delicacies that The Fatty Bao serves, and that includes their fine sushi rolls!

Popular seafood dish

California Roll (Crab)

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8. Gajalee, Vile Parle East

The sheer variety of seafood at Gajalee is mind-boggling – they serve everything from Marathi-style Clams Koshimbir to the classic Butter Garlic Prawns!

Popular seafood dish

Prawns Biryani

Order from Gajalee now >

Would you just look at this juicy Prawn Pickle dish? Heavenly.


9. Wok Express, Chembur

Allow us to wok, oops, walk you through the delicious fish dishes that Wok Express has to offer!

Popular seafood dish

Fish Peri Peri

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10. Satkar Rice Plate House, Jog Gor East

Here’s a tip: No fish-list is complete without the scrumptious seafare offered by the chefs at this hidden gem, Satkar Rice Plate House.

Popular seafood dish

Pomfret Fish Curry

Order from Satkar Rice Plate House now >

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