How to Swiggy your way out of sticky situations

July 23, 2021

We’ve seen how great food can unleash its powers and fix pretty much any situation – no one, we repeat, no one can escape the warmth of a thoughtful meal.

So, if you’re currently in one of those clueless spots (like when your friend just got their heart broken), we’ve got a plate full of ideas (quite literally) that can help you make the mess go *poof*.

When you forget to pay the electricity bill, again!

Bad news is, sooner or later, your roommates/partner/family/pet goldfish will find out. But the good news is, you have a full chance to melt their heart before that. How about doing it with thin crust pizzas for everyone? Really, who’s not going to be flattered by that?

When you call your partner by the name of your ex

“Oops” won’t cut it when you’ve messed up like that. ? So, it’s fancy dinner date time to the rescue. We suggest sushi on the table under candlelight and soft music in the back. Because ain’t no one getting murdered with chopsticks! 

(PS: Repeat the date four times a month, for months, for best results.)

When you get a rejection letter from your dream job

This looks like a job for a Lebanese spread. Oodles of hummus smothered on pita will drown out all thoughts of any job (or anything else for that matter). Promise!

When your friend gets ghosted

It’s virtual pajama party time – keep your gossip, stalking skills and motivational talks ready. Send them some hot noodles and Thai curry, simply ‘cause a tub of ice cream is far too mild for the roast that’s about to come.

And to make things even smoother for you, we’ll get all those dishes to you and anything else on your mind (we’re all for improvisation), from top rated restaurants around.


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