Taking a step towards the holistic well-being of our delivery executives this World Yoga Day

June 21, 2022

The introduction of a wellness and yoga video and audio series for pre-shift warming up, relaxation during and post-shift

Swiggy’s mission to deliver unparalleled convenience is incomplete without the efforts of our delivery executives. While technology and operational excellence have a part to play, delivery executives will remain the backbone of our service. Therefore, the mental and physical well-being of our delivery executives has always been a priority for Swiggy, and we are constantly working on ways to improve their overall well-being based on learnings, observations, and feedback. 

Given that our male and female executives spend at least 60% of their time on the road, it is important for us to devise ways in which their well-being can be integrated into their everyday lives. This month, on the occasion of World Yoga Day (21st June 2022) we are introducing the ‘3-Mins of Wellness Workout’ program to encourage our delivery executives to be more mindful of their physical and mental well-being. 

Customised for riders

Working backwards from what our delivery executives need given the nature of their work, we have partnered with the experts at 3DeepBreaths, a workplace wellness product that deals with the modern-day mental and physical stress to curate this module that is focused on health, and wellness through video and audio content. 

The exercises are focused on giving a workout and relaxation to various body parts such as the head, neck, shoulder, arms, wrists, back, and legs. The videos have been designed in a way, so as to help facilitate proactive wellness behaviors like stretching and muscle recovery. There are also audio sessions on meditation and mindfulness exercises to mentally de-stress. 

Accessible Right on the Delivery Executive’s App

In the first phase, the exercise videos will be uploaded daily for seven days on the Swiggy delivery executive app- the app that all our executives log into every day. There will be two 90-second exercises daily. The first, is a video focused on body mobility workouts, and the second, audio delivering meditation workouts. For easy accessibility, the videos will be shared with delivery partners every day through in-app communication.

Stretch Anywhere, Anytime 

Easily accessible on the app, and simple to follow, the delivery executives can practice these exercises anytime. They can start the day with the stretches, do it on their bikes while they are parked, or even while waiting to pick up an order. Over three lakh delivery executives will have access to these customised videos and audios that are currently available in English. In the future, we hope to incorporate more regional languages for better adoption.

We are mindful that delivery executives spend hours on the go, and want to encourage simple daily habits that will serve them and their bodies well. In the coming months, we hope to make progress in launching more such programs to enhance the working lives of our delivery executives and those across the industry. More about that later.

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