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December 21, 2022

As a company, Swiggy is famous for what it does – delivering unparalleled convenience to millions of Indian doorsteps every day. But what we do, relies heavily on who we are and what we believe in. Here’s a glimpse into the Swiggy values, and how they have come to shape our identity.  

For years, Swiggy has been changing the way Indians eat. We are now on our way to transform how India lives, works, and innovates. With our actions and decisions strongly defined by the Swiggy values every step of the way, our growing universe of Swiggsters has been through all the ups and downs together. From delivering food to providing unparalleled convenience, the journey has been punctuated by constant growth and yet, we believe we’ve just begun!

Organisations have distinct identities and values that transcend cultures and time zones. These are formed by beliefs and are derived from experiences, observations, and learnings. And the first step in creating a company culture is building a solid foundation based on core values. It is this that shapes our vision.

Swiggy’s Head of Human Resources, Girish Menon discusses how our values came to be, creating a guiding force that drowns out all distractions and propels us toward our mission. “One thing which has been constant is that we’ve always been an employee first company and a values driven company. The seriousness with which we went with the values, the creation of values, is impeccable. And I think that’s the bedrock of our culture today.”

Swiggy’s values are built on steadfast principles: to be, think, and act like a true Swiggster.

Before we dive into what our values mean to us, here’s what Anuj Nagpal, Director – Supply commercials, has to say about how our values are not just words on paper, but are principles that we embrace every day.

Swiggy Values : Anuj Nagpal, Director - Supply Commercials says, "Swiggy lives and breathes its values every day. I feel valued and cared for. Employee care in the form of health policies, dealing with difficult situations, policies for stakeholders such as DEs and restaurant partners, and so on all share the value of empathy and responsiveness."

Times change quickly in an industry as dynamic as ours. The market transforms, the business landscape evolves, and people’s needs immediately reflect this dynamism. 

As India’s leading on-demand delivery platform, there’s one thing that never changes – how we do what we do. Not only do our values bring us together in our pursuit to elevate the lives of urban Indians, they also help us celebrate individual uniqueness that makes success that much sweeter. After all, what is innovation if not the culmination of diverse ideas to arrive at the single best solution.

But that’s not all. Our values also enable our Swiggsters to unlock growth in their own way, to chart their own path within the Swiggy universe and to excel at what they bring to the table.

Tanuja B.M., Operations Manager at Swiggy believes that the company’s values have helped her in her professional journey. 

Swiggy Values : Tanuja B.M., Operations Manager at Swiggy says, " Swiggy values have helped me develop character, strength, and focus in order to achieve my goals. As a team, we receive appreciation, encouragement, and guidance from our peers throughout this journey, which is truly commendable."

Here’s a look at our values, our guiding light, the pillars that make us who we are – shape how we think, and define how we act.

The Heart – Being | Who We Are

Swiggy Values : The Heart – Being | Who We Are: Be Humble, Always be Curious, Always be Learning, Be Honest, Display Highest Level of Integrity
1. Be Humble
Along with being vocally self-critical, we recognize that we do not always have the answers. We value ideas based on merit rather than hierarchy, and we encourage strong opinions. Treating each other and employees with respect and dignity is of utmost importance.

2. Always be Curious, Always be Learning
We ask the right questions and pursue answers relentlessly. We believe in lifelong learning, whether it comes from  colleagues, competitors, partners, or vendors.

3. Be Honest, Display Highest Level of Integrity
We value conversations that are brutally honest and support dispassionate truth-finding. We have no qualms about defending our choices both internally and externally. When in doubt, we clarify before taking action. 

The Head – Think | How We Think

Swiggy Values : The Head – Think | How We Think: . Consumer Comes First. Display a Founder Mentality. . Think Win-Win. Think Big

4. Consumer Comes First
We are paranoid about consumer experience and measure success by the impact we create. We spend time listening to and deeply understanding what our consumers need.

Swiggy firmly adheres to the value of  ‘Consumer First,’ says Rohan Mathur, General Manager of Customer experience and Operations.

Swiggy Values : Rohan Mathur, General Manager - Customer experience and Operations, says, " Inspiring all teams to go above and beyond in order to give our customers a superior experience by upholding these values fosters a work environment that values learning and collaboration."

5. Display a Founder Mentality
We encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness and take personal responsibility, which demonstrates a founder mentality. We take pride in focusing on long-term success rather than short-term gains. 

Prasanna Venkatesh, Senior Product Design Manager at Swiggy, talks about the importance of ownership.

Swiggy Values : Prasanna Venkatesh, Senior Product Design Manager, says, " Though my primary role is to contribute as a designer, I love being involved in other aspects of the product and giving ideas and suggestions to stakeholders from business, strategy, merchandising and other non-tech teams. There's a tremendous payoff in making the entire product come together very well on multiple fronts rather than just from the design point of view!"

6. Think Win-Win
We recognise that success is not a zero-sum game and seek ways for our partners – whether delivery partners or vendors – to succeed alongside us through cross functional teamwork. We solve problems by first understanding one another’s points of view and then proposing win-win solutions.

Swiggy Values : Anuj Rathi, SVP Revenue and Growth, says, "I’ve always wanted to be part of a company that aligned with my vision and was focused on making things convenient for our fellow Indians. At Swiggy, I got exactly this and more! We aim to continually create impact at scale, to create a win-win-win ecosystem for consumers, restaurants, and delivery partners, and never settle as we take on this tough challenge.."

7. Think Big

We set new standards and create a vision that is both bold and inspiring. We venture into new territory and believe in challenging the status quo. Accepting new challenges motivates us, and we take pride in being tenacious.

The Hands – Act | How We Act

Swiggy Values : The Hands – Act | How We Act. Stand-up & Disagree but Commit Fully. Do More with Less. . Move Fast, Break Barriers and Deliver Results. Never Settle.

8. Stand-up & Disagree but Commit Fully
We form thoughtful opinions and express them without fear. We actively participate in constructive criticism and once a decision is made, we fully commit. 

Swiggy Values : Devjyoti Bhattacharjee, Business operations manager, says. "The company culture encourages employees to freely communicate with their leaders. While learning is a continuous process, Swiggy employees work hard and are rewarded for it, making it a great place to work."

9. Do More with Less
We are resourceful and work efficiently. We use our resources wisely in order to maximize impact. We look for ways to simplify problems and reduce complexity.

10. Move Fast, Break Barriers and Deliver Results
We recognise that speed is a competitive advantage and act with urgency. We hold each other accountable and work together to break barriers in order to make an impact. Being result oriented is what truly counts.

11. Never Settle
We don’t settle and believe in pushing the limits. We set unreasonably high standards and prevent problems rather than react to them. We strive for 1% improvement every day, keeping the big picture in mind.

Swiggy Values : Md. Ali Umar, City Supply Head, says, "From celebrating 2000 orders per day to seeing the city reach 1 lakh+ orders per day during 2021, Durga Puja has been quite a journey! This has been possible because of the ‘Never Settle’ attitude and ownership that each Swiggster shows every single time we want to make it big."

Why We ‘Value’ Being a Swiggster 

Our ultimate goal as Swiggsters is to make a difference in the lives of millions by reimagining how they experience convenience. We recognise that achieving this requires us all to be in sync with one another and with our larger vision.

Which is why we don’t just state our values; we live by them. 

Our CEO and co-founder Sriharsha Majety, shares his insights on why and how our values define us. “We knew we needed to create a place where I and every Swiggster could come in and do the best work of our lives, with a guiding force so powerful that it drowns out all the distractions. Our values are, at the end of the day, the fabric that holds us together, that creates the identity and culture for the company we are. To me, culture is the most important oxygen for a company. It is our lifeblood.”

Our values play a pivotal role in shaping Swiggy’s growth and the development of Swiggsters. These 11 values form our ethos and culture, remaining a true constant in a world where everything changes at a dizzying speed. As we forge ahead, we are determined to chase our vision to redefine convenience for urban consumers, every step of the way.  

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