Wish to Indulge in Guilt-free Dining Experience? Order from the Best Healthy Restaurants in Coimbatore

November 11, 2023

From healthy bowls to gourmet food to vegetarian and experimental cuisines, the best healthy restaurants in Coimbatore are providing amazing dining experiences. Coimbatore is one of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu. It is also a leading tourist destination while serving as the ultimate gateway to everything divine the provinces of South India have to offer. Starting from ancient temples to an abundance of natural beauty, the city has so much to offer to its visitors.

While there are several options in the city to spice up your taste buds with delicious South Indian cuisine, you will also have a chance to follow your fitness regimen by ordering from the best healthy restaurants in Coimbatore. The speciality of these restaurants are their lavish offerings and top-notch quality in terms of nutrition-filled cuisines that are equally flavourful. Be ready to explore the high-end cuisines from surrounding areas as well.

Best Healthy Restaurants in Coimbatore to Order from <h2>

The city’s changing dynamics and the increasingly health-conscious nature of millennials have spawned a number of healthy eateries and cafés that will leave you spoilt for choice. Here are some of the top-rated healthy restaurants in Coimbatore that you can order from to indulge in guilt-free gastronomical experience:

1. Dee’s Cookhaus

Chicken Sandwich

Dee’s Cookhaus is one of the most sought-after healthy-eating cafes out there in the city. The eatery is renowned for its most popular dish named Japanese Chicken Katsu Studio. It is an iconic Japanese comfort dish that is offered at this leading restaurant providing gourmet food for dinner and lunch. The scrumptious Chicken Sandwich and Fried Bread delicacies are filled with juicy, crusted chicken bread. These delicacies are topped with Japanese sauces and cabbage slew and are complete meal options themselves.

The eatery is famous for introducing as many as 15 sandwiches inspired by unmatched flavours from all corners of the world, right from the staple American Grill Cheese to British Chip Patty and even Indian-styled Bombay Sandwich. Most of the basic ingredients of the healthy, scrumptious dishes here include sweet soy, fish sauces, and oyster sauces that are primarily imported. The diverse menu of the restaurant keeps drawing the attention of health-freaks all around the city.

2. The Platter Station


Creamy, crispy, and spicy, these are core characteristics that define the wholesome dishes at The Platter Station. You must try out the highly sought-after Avocado Sushi Roll here that only gets better with delicious variants like sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese. The Platter Station is one of the most renowned hotspots in Coimbatore if you wish to try out a classic vegetarian Sushi platter.

Some of the high-end delicacies here to order online are Vegetarian Sushi, Mezze Platter, Mediterranean Bowl, and Mexican delicacies, all featuring impressive gourmet catering. While the Mexican sour cream with cheese, rice, and cilantro will set your taste buds on fire, the delectable chilly oil noodles are entirely wholesome. Whether you prefer Japanese or Mexican, authentic cuisine is the signature presentation at The Platter Station.

3. The French Door Café & Restaurant


The classic French décor of the eatery will remind you of the beautiful French quarters that once populated the provinces of Pondicherry. If you are ordering online from Swiggy, you will realise that The French Door Café & Restaurant is one of the most Instagrammable eateries in Coimbatore. The extensive menu of the restaurant is ideal for a lazy lunch or an all-time snack.

The fresh breads offered here are amongst the best in the city. As such, you will find that breads here are a staple ingredient for most of the eatery’s preparations. Some of the popular must-haves here are Mushroom Crostini and Bruschettas.

4. Haribhavanam

Pallipalayam Chicken

When you are visiting Coimbatore and wish to indulge in a classic South Indian delicacy, Haribhavanam is your place to order online dishes from. Coimbatore has a few selected eateries that offer the special Kongunadu cuisine in the city. Haribhavanam is one of them. The menu here extensively leans towards Kongunadu and South Indian cuisines and delivers the assurance of a hearty meal at all times.

It is recommended that you should try out the restaurant’s Pallipalayam Chicken, a flavour-filled dish combining the essence of shredded chicken with coconut silvers. The best part is that you can wash down the fulfilling dish with a bottle of conventional Goli or Marble Soda, a signature beverage at Haribhavanam.

5. Sree Annapoorna

Ghee Roast Dosa

Also famous as AP for most residents, Sree Annapoorna is one of the most reputed homegrown healthy restaurant brands in Coimbatore. The restaurant has been in existence since the 1960s. If you are craving for something delicious and healthy, there is no better option than a hearty platter of classic South Indian cuisine.

At Sree Annapoorna, you must try out the famous Ghee Roast Dosa. It is one of the signature all-time side dishes in addition to the highly sought-after delicacies like the invigorating Filter Coffee and Pongal Vada. If there is one dish that multiple generations of the locals swear by at Sree Annapoorna, it is the delicious Annapoorna Sambhar.

6. Shree Anandhaas

Rava Kesari

Shree Anandhaas is one of the best vegetarian restaurant chains in Coimbatore. Here, you can browse through the extensive menu to order scrumptious dishes like Malli or Coriander Pongal and different variants of Rava Kesari or Sheera.

The filter coffee here is a must-have. The sweet shops that are a part of the eatery offer a wide assortment of sweets and savories, including the to-die-for Karupatti Mysore Pak, made out of palm jaggery.


As you visit the scenic city of Coimbatore, there are endless options to have a great time. With so much to offer for your impressive gastronomical experience, you can order a healthy meal from some of the best healthy restaurants in Coimbatore. With Swiggy, you can order food online in Coimbatore and relish the divine nutritious flavours right by sitting in the comfort of your home. 

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