Wholesome Dining in Ujjain: Navigating Restaurants for Nutritious and Delicious Meals

November 23, 2023

Ujjain mesmerizes visitors with its timeless allure, and also surprises health-conscious foodies with a thriving culinary scene that promotes well-being. Nestled amidst the traditional flavors and cultural wonders, a delightful trend is emerging – an abundance of healthy restaurants that offer nourishing and delectable fare. If you’re seeking a perfect harmony between taste and health, you’re in for a treat! We will take you on a delightful journey through Ujjain’s top-notch eateries that emphasize fresh, wholesome ingredients and flavors, making dining out an enriching experience for both body and soul. From serene cafes to enticing havens, let’s uncover the best healthy food places in Ujjain that will leave you both satisfied and revitalized. Get ready to savor a taste of wellness in the heart of Ujjain!

The 5 Best Healthy Food Joints in Ujjain City 

1. Time Headquarters

indian food

Overview of the Restaurant’s Healthy Eating Philosophy, Time Headquarters is a friendly place known for its calm ambience and hygienic practices. The healthy eatery is one of the best food places in Ujjain City. 

Menu: The restaurant’s menu includes Indian food, vegan and vegetarian options. You must try the restaurant’s wide selection of healthy soups and delicious noodles. 

2. Hashtag Café

aloo tikki

Overview of the Restaurant’s Healthy Eating Philosophy – Hastag Cafe is a casual dining outlet that aims to make quick bites healthier and more wholesome. The café has a modern and vibrant ambience and is known for its drinks and healthy continental food.

Menu: The menu of Hashtag Restaurant includes a phenomenal selection of desserts, drinks, and Chinese food items.  You must try their Aloo Tikki and Double Aloo Tikki Burger and Veg Manchurian at Hashtag Restaurant.

3. Angara Restaurant

south indian healthy cusines

Angara Restaurant is an authentic Indian eatery known for its tasty meals. The restaurant has a homely and welcoming atmosphere, and the food has a rustic flavor.

Menu: The menu of Angara Restaurant includes North Indian and South Indian healthy cuisines. You can find everything, from Tandoori to Biryani and more, here. The best healthy foods at Ujjain’s Angara Restaurant include tandoor options, roasted food items, and a myriad of other delicacies. 

4. Empire Restaurant

shawarma sandwich

Overview of the Restaurant’s Healthy Eating Philosophy – Empire Restaurant is the fourth-best healthy restaurant in Ujjain City. It is a fine dining restaurant located on New Hari Fatak Mahakal Road. 

Menu: Empire Restaurant’s menu includes continental and Indian healthy food options. The average cost for two people ranges from INR 200 to 2000. The must-try healthy foods at Ujjain’s Empire Restaurant include Shawarma, Tawa Chicken, and Tandoori Chicken. 

5. Chef’s Cult

mexican food

Chef’s Cult is a hip and cool café in Ujjain’s Nanakheda that offers healthy, delicious, and hyper-palatable meals. Besides, you can also enjoy drinks and dance around in the lounge.

Menu: The cafe’s menu includes Italian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Mexican food options. The must-try items at Chef’s Cult include pizzas, pasta, and tacos.

Tips to Follow a Healthy Routine

There are several ways in which you can include a healthy lifestyle to your daily routine. One assured way is by following a healthy eating routine. As you have had a tiring day at work and do not feel like following a full-fledged healthy eating routine, you can always order food online in Ujjain from the listed best healthy restaurants.

Some more ways to be on the top of your health by eating right are:

  • Watch Out Your Portions: Even when you are ordering food online, it is advised that you should keep a note of your portions. As you order and eat delicious items in a balanced portion, it will help you make the most of your diet routine without giving away into unhealthy habits.
  • Consider What You Order: As you are ordering food online in Ujjain, it is recommended to consider what you are ordering in the first place. Always look out for healthy spots offering a detailed overview of their menu. In this manner, you can look into what you need to order to satisfy your cravings in a guilt-free manner.
  • Customize Your Orders: When you order food online in Ujjain from Swiggy, the best part is that you can customize your order by giving special instructions to the restaurant. If you are highly conscious of what you are eating, you can always ask the restaurant to customize the delivery according to your food preferences. 


There are several ways to be healthy and fit. One of the best ways to ensure the same is by eating healthy and right. With Swiggy, you no longer have to compromise on the overall flavors as you can browse through the list of healthy restaurants in Ujjain to order food from. 

So, here we have a brief overview of the best healthy restaurants in Ujjain City. The five restaurants and cafes mentioned above are known for their unique ambience, budget-friendly food, and nutrient-dense meals. In 2023, you must go the extra mile and take special care of your food. If you cannot avoid dine-outs or online food ordering, make the second-best choice and choose healthy meals.

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