The Health-Conscious Traveler’s Guide: Navigating Udaipur’s Restaurants for Nutritious Meals

November 28, 2023

The journey toward better health and well-being begins with your diet. What you eat every day strongly affects how fit, strong, and full of energy you feel. But, prioritizing food has taken a backseat as our lives get busier highly hectic. Emerging trends, like takeaways, dine-outs, and meal plans, are slowly taking over the practice of home cooking, especially in metropolitan cities. Of course, there is no harm in ordering meals or having pre-made food if your schedule is hectic and tight. But in this short time, it’s important to make smart choices, like eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods, even if you order lunch and dinner online or eat out.

There is no doubt that the world of food is full of tasty and mouth-watering options, but few restaurants try to mix health and taste. It does not mean you cannot find any eatery offering healthy meal options in your city. Metro cities are making long strides in healthy diners, but Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are also close behind. In this blog, we will examine the best healthy food places in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and curate some choices for your better lifestyle. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing Healthy Food

Making the right food choice is not knowing, but knowing what to look for can help. 

● A balanced Diet Has No Substitute

Firstly, there is no alternative to a balanced diet that includes foods and vegetables from different food groups. Healthy carbs and fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants are all crucial aspects of a holistic diet. 

● Understand Your Dietary Needs

The second thing to consider when eating to lose or gain weight is that no two people can have the same diet. To begin with, your lifestyle, weight, age, general health, etc., all come together to determine the type and amount of food you need. For instance, adolescent girls and women in their reproductive years need more iron in their diet, whereas pregnant women or women trying to be pregnant need more folic acid.

● Avoid Sugary Foods in Excess

Sugar is hyper-palatable, but excessive consumption can lead to diabetes and obesity. So, curb the sugar intake and opt for natural sugars instead, such as those you get from fruits and nuts. 

Now that we have touched upon the three tips for choosing healthy food let us check out some of the healthiest food places in Udaipur. 

The 5 Best Healthy Food Joints in Udaipur City 

1. Millets of Mewar 


pad thai

Overview of the Restaurant’s Healthy Eating Philosophy – Millets of Mewar is a small, quiet restaurant near Sajjangarh Biological Park that serves vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food. The eatery aims to make Rajasthani cuisines healthier and more nutritious. 

Menu: The cafe’s menu includes Asian, fusion, and healthy cuisine, and the cost for two people is INR 300 to 500. Some items on the menu include Pizza, Thali, Dal Khichdi, Special Rajasthani Food, Thai Food, Chaats, Kebabs, and Wraps. 

Personal Recommendations: Some items you must try at Millets of Mewar include their Pad Thai, Millet Pancakes, and Rajasthani Millet Thali. 

2. Yummy Yoga

Healthy Pizza

Overview of the Restaurants Healthy Eating Philosophy – As the name suggests, Yummy Yoga is one of the best healthy food places in Udaipur. It is a pleasant rooftop cafe that tries to make quick bites and European meals that are both healthy and very tasty.

Menu: The eatery’s menu includes vegan, vegetarian, healthy, Italian, gluten-free, and Jain food options. The cost per person is INR 200 to 300 per meal. 

Personal Recommendations: The healthy curries and pizza of Yummy Yoga are delicious and mouth-watering. Also, try grabbing a table on the topmost floor of the cafe for the view of a lifetime.

3. Kitchens of Mewar

fresh fruit juices

Overview of the Restaurants Healthy Eating Philosophy – Located near Chandpole in Udaipur, Kitchens of Mewar is a small yet charming rooftop cafe that strives to make continental food options healthier and more nutritious.

Menu: The cafe’s menu includes Italian, healthy, Mediterranean, and Arabic food options. This place has a wide range of healthy foods, from kebabs to pies to curries. The average price for two people is around INR 250 to 300. 

Personal Recommendations – Some must-try healthy food at Udiapur’s Kitchens of Mewar include penne pasta, rice and chicken, and fresh fruit juices. 

4. Restaurant Harigarh

Chicken Butter Masala

Overview of the Restaurant’s Healthy Eating Philosophy – The fourth best healthy food place in Udaipur has to be Restaurant Harigarh. It offers pure Indian food but makes them healthy, hyper-palatable, and incredibly authentic. The restaurant’s romantic audience and lakeside location make it a fan favourite. 

Menu: The restaurant’s menu includes vegan, non-vegetarian, and vegetarian Indian food options, and the price for two people is INR 500. 

Personal Recommendations: Chicken Butter Masala, Laal Maas, and Kadhai Paneer are some of the must-try dishes on the restaurant’s menu.

5. The Healthy Bites

spinach corn sandwich

Overview of the Restaurant’s Healthy Eating Philosophy – The Healthy Bites is a high-end kitchen near City Centre known for its delicious, home-like and healthy meals.

Menu: The eatery’s menu includes European, Indian, and healthy options, and the price for two people ranges from INR 500 to 1000. 

Personal Recommendation: Some must-try healthy foods at The Healthy Bites include Brown Bread Spinach Corn Sandwich, Soya Brown Rice, Spinach Pesto Wheat Macaroni Salad, etc. 


So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the top 3 best healthy restaurants in Udaipur. The five restaurants we just talked about serve mouthwateringly wonderful food. The atmosphere and views of these bars and restaurants are also wonderful. In 2023, the best way to get healthier is to make small changes to your life, like eating at healthy restaurants and getting more wholesome meals, etc.

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