Healthy Dining Gems in Vadodara: Unearthing Restaurants for Nutritious Food Enthusiasts

November 29, 2023

Healthy eating is often associated with boring food that is only full of nutrients and grossly lacking in taste. However, that is no longer true. With an increased focus on eating healthy, more restaurants are now developing delectable healthy eating menus that will not only fulfil your fitness goals, but also feed your soul. With various healthy restaurants in Vadodara city popping up, the options are virtually endless. Join us as we explore some of the top choices. 

Top healthy food places in Vadodara city

The following are some of the top rated healthy restaurants in Vadodara

Healthy Swig:

kiwi juice

Healthy Swig is one of the top rated healthy food restaurants in Vadodara known for offering delicious and healthy food for weight loss. The place offers fresh juices like Elite Trio Juice, Kiwi Punch Juice, Miracle Juice, Healer Juice, Pomegranate Juice, Grape Juice and many more. Beyond juices, Healthy Swig also offers fresh fruit bowls like Tropical Exotic Fruit Bowl, Exquisito Fruit Bowl, and many more varieties. Expanding more, the place is renowned for its amazing smoothies and super filling smoothie bowls which are topped with a wide range of toppings including fruits, nuts, and seeds. The restaurant offers dine-in, kerbside pickup, and home delivery options via food delivery platforms. 

Location: Labh Icon Bansal Mall, Gotri, Vadodara

Cost for Two: INR 600/-


Kiwi Punch Juice

Amrutizing is a one-stop healthy food restaurant which offers a whole range of healthy food to eat in Vadodara starting from fresh juices to hearty meals. Whether you want a lip-smacking salad with a dressing you can chug, a healthy and comforting bowl of oatmeal, a filling subway sandwich or pizza, a yummy Varni bowl, a protein- packed bean bowl, a guilt-free ice cream bowl, a healthy yogurt bowl, or simply some healthy and tasty beverages like juices, protein shakes, coffees, iced teas, etc., Amrutizing has it all. Their Varni Bowls are a must-try. From starters to desserts, Amrutizing offers a complete menu for your next meal. 

Location: Beside Amiteshwar Mahadev, Amit NAgar, Balaji Nagar, Vadodara

Cost for Two: INR 500/-

Maji Sainik Egg Recipes:

Fitness food and drink

Egg is one of the most accessible sources of protein, and one which is most commonly consumed. Maji Sainik Egg Recipes offers a wonderful range of egg dishes so that you never get bored of consuming eggs. From basic yet mouthwatering bread omelette, bun omelette, and half fry egg recipes to unique Masala Boiled Fry, Cheese Egg Panipuri, Egg RIce, Boiled Egg Tikka, Double Egg Chili Tikka, Mughlai Tikka Double Egg, Cheese Egg Pizza, Egg Bhurji, Boiled Egg Keema, and much more; this restaurants ensures you always have something new to try. Whether you prefer spicy or savoury, there are a lot of healthy options for food for weight loss. 

Location: New Shopping Center, Dulah Sheth, Akota, Vadodara

Cost for Two: INR 300/-

Khichdi Paradise:

Masala Boiled Fry

For the Indian food and comfort food lovers who do not wish to compromise on health or taste, Khichdi Paradise is a must-try. This is one of the top healthy food places in Vadodara city. Bringing hearty and sumptuous bowls of khichdi, this restaurant puts a healthier twist on this national favourite. Some of the top healthy khichdi versions include Quinoa Khichdi, Desi Ghee Tadka Khichdi, Multi-grain Khichdi, Lasun Palak Khichdi, Healthy Mix Veg Grain Khichdi, Sprouts Dal Khichdi, Rajma Chatpati Khichdi, Achari Paneer Ghee Khichdi, and much much more. Apart from its namesake, the restaurant also offers delicious starters, salads, rice bowls, gravies, coolers, and decadent desserts like Gulab Jamun and an assortment of ooey-gooey brownies. 

Location: Samanvay Silver, Near Mujmahuda Circle, Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Akota, Vadodara

Cost for Two: INR 400/-

LunchBox- Meals and Thalis:

gulab jamun

Homestyle food is always the best for your health, and that is exactly what Lunchbox, one of the top healthy restaurants in Vadodara is offering. Bringing you a range of irresistible dishes including various types of Biryanis, paratha lunchboxes, breakfast boxes, kulcha lunchboxes, chapati lunchboxes, north indian curries, wraps, starters, beverages, and an assortment of breads, LunchBox has something for everyone. All the lunchboxes feature a perfectly balanced meal consisting of a hefty dose of protein from dals, chole, rajma, paneer, and chicken along with a carb source in the form of either rice or some form of bread. Their executive lunch box is a full thali experience with two sabjis, rice, gulab jamun, a small side salad, and parathas. With so many options to choose from, this restaurant is bound to become your favourite. 

Location: Patriot Complex, Near Inox Road, Ellora Park, Vadiwadi, Vadodara

Cost for Two: INR 400/-


paneer salad

Whoever said salad is just a boring bowl of tasteless veggies sure has never tried a refreshing, healthy, and fulfilling salad bowl from Saladdict. Those craving healthy food to eat in Vadodara city but bored of the same old salads need to check out some of Saladdict’s yummy delights. Try out their Quinoa Salad, Fritters Salad, Exotic Tofu Salad, Citron Green Salad, Paneer Salad, Apple Walnuts Broccoli Salad, Mushroom Beans Salad or other appetising salads this restaurant offers. If you are not in the mood for salad, check out their healthy chaat options, or healthy bowl options like Paneer Quinoa and Veggies Bowl, along with some fresh juices or satisfying smoothies. Enjoy a tempting bowl of salad that fills your tummy and not only brings vitamins, minerals, and fibre, but also a lot of protein. 

Location: Rushikesh Society, Ground Floor, Nr, Amit Nagar Cir, Vadodara

Cost for Two: INR 600/-


Healthy eating does not have to be boring. The market is full of delectable options and a little exploration can land you something that you crave again and again. With such a wide variety of choices, all more tasty than the previous, it is now easier to stay on track with your fitness goals, order food online and not compromise on taste. Deep flavours, healthy combinations, and a guilt-free meal, you can now enjoy it all.

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