How India Swiggy’d 2023- unwrapping India’s year in on-demand convenience 

December 14, 2023

From a customer who ordered 207 pizzas in a single day, to 271 cakes being Swiggy’d per minute on Valentine’s Day, Indians show that in 2023, Swiggy hai to sahi hai

If you’re reading this, chances are you already love Swiggy (don’t blame you; we are🤌), but as the year winds down, it’s time to wrap our heads around the year’s top tunes, look at search history stats (we also searched for ‘moye moye original song’), and, of course, look forward to knowing what food items ‘ate and left no crumbs’. Back for the 8th consecutive year, we’re ready to spill the beans on How India ‘Swiggy’d’ in 2023. 

Of course, you will see your personalised ‘How India Swiggy’d’ recap on the Swiggy app. However, going beyond personal ordering highlights, the insights are bound to reveal a unique self-realization of not just what we ate, but who we are. 

6,64,46,312 unique dishes on Swiggy’s menu across the country but the 5028 users who searched for ‘Swiggy’ on Swiggy, and the 1682 users who searched for ‘order’ didn’t find anything. For those who did, here is what they ordered – 

Binging on the biggest trends of 2023 

Opening with the biggest foodies of them all 

  • A user from Mumbai, who placed food orders worth ₹ 42.3 lakh (no, that’s not a CTC). 
  • Maximum orders were by user accounts in Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad who have placed more than 10,000 orders each. 

Chote chote sheheron mein, aise bade bade orders hote rehete hai

  • The biggest party host came from Jhansi by placing an order with 269 items.
  • With 207 pizzas ordered in a single day, it was no small pizza party at a household in Bhubaneswar. *tries to score an invite*

What India relished 

  • Gulab Jamuns outshined the usual suspect Roshogollas with over 7.7 million orders during Durga Pujo. 
  • Alongside garba, Masala Dosa was the top favourite in veg orders for all nine days of Navaratri. 
  • Idli reigned supreme when a customer from Hyderabad spent 6 lakhs on them.
  • Anime triumphed over K-pop, as Japanese cuisine saw 2x more orders compared to its Korean counterpart.

Cake is the answer, no matter the question

  • Bangalore believed in having its cake and eating it too. With 8.5 million orders placed for everyone’s favourite chocolate cake, the city was honoured as the ‘Cake Capital’. 
  • Love and temptation made for a perfect pairing during Valentine’s Day 2023, as India ordered 271 cakes per minute. 
  • A user from Nagpur ordered 92 cakes in a single day, and probably ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and repeat!

Savouring sensibly: Gourmet and Guiltfree Delights

  • Love for babas, papas, abbus, pops, and babujis peaked this Father’s Day – with the highest orders on Swiggy Gourmet.
  • With over 2.1 million orders for sugar-free desserts, looks like some stuck to their New Year’s resolution in 2023 by using Swiggy Guiltfree.
  • Vegans made an intense foray to become the most common dietary preference, as orders on Swiggy Guiltfree witnessed a significant rise of 146% for vegan orders.
  • 2023 was the International Year of Millets and we saw a 124% growth in orders for millet-based dishes on Guiltfree and a 38% increase in search queries for them.
  • Foxtail, buckwheat, jowar, bajra, ragi, rajgira, and amaranth were the most searched keywords in the healthy food category. 

The return of the Big B – Bringing comfort and indulgence all at once – BIRYANI – scored big, topping the charts as the most-ordered dish on Swiggy for the eighth straight year. 

  • India ordered 2.5 biryanis per second in 2023. For every 5.5 chicken biryanis, there was one veg biryani ordered.
  • The love for biryani expanded with 2.49 million users making a debut on Swiggy with a biryani order. Very Yashasvi Jaiswal of these people.
  • And just in case you’re still doubting the hype, biryani has been searched for a staggering 40,30,827 times on the platform. 
  • Every 6th biryani was ordered from Hyderabad and the champion of the biryani brigade was a Swiggy user from the city who ordered 1633 biryanis this year.  That is more than 4 biryanis a day. Phew.
  • A Biryani-loving family in Chandigarh ordered 70 plates in a single go during the nail-biting India Vs. Pak World Cup match in October. Swiggy was clocking over 250 Biryani orders per minute during this match

2023 also delivered Swiggy One and One Lite users with over ₹ 900 crores in savings! Swiggy One is the country’s only membership program with benefits across food delivery, quick commerce, dining out, and pick-and-drop services. A single Swiggy One user saved ₹ 6.98 lakhs through free deliveries, discounts, and other benefits.

Dineout Delights 

Saving the moolah is a native Indian trait – and Swiggy Dineout users put it to good use with jaw-dropping ₹ 300 crores in savings

  • A smart Hyderabadi used ‘IT’ing skills to eat out and still save. ₹ 5.58 lakh to be precise, thanks to the exclusive discounts and offers available through Swiggy Dineout. 
  • A person in Ahmedabad enjoyed dining out 300 times this year, exploring delightful dishes across 20 different restaurants, and making the most of 2023, even before the year is over! 
  • A Delhiwala gave the Amdavadi some tough competition setting a record for the highest single bill of ₹ 3,00,149.

A lot can happen in 10 minutes: Swiggy instamart

  • If you put all those who ordered from Swiggy instamart’s top five cities in a country, it would be the 17th most populated in the world- Welcome to Insta-pur!
  • A gentleman from Jaipur placed 67 orders on Swiggy instamart in a single day. We’re not sure how big his party was but would’ve loved an invite!
  • The single highest order was worth ₹ 31,748. This user from Chennai stocked up on coffee, juice, cookies, nachos, and chips.
  • But the fastest delivery of the year? was in Delhi, where Swiggy instamart delivered a packet of instant noodles in 65 seconds. That’s about half the time it takes to make those noodles. 
  • The biggest mango lovers reside in Bangalore. The city ordered more mangoes than Mumbai and Hyderabad put together. 
  • Milk, followed by curd and onions was the most searched item on Swiggy instamart. Lucky for the 30 million who found milk unlike those who came looking for “Captain America” or “Anything”.
  • In September 2023, Swiggy instamart introduced the bag opt-out feature. In just two months, close to a million deliveries have been made in an eco-friendly manner.

Hamare asli Heroes cha gaye iss saal

  • Swiggy’s delivery partner covered an impressive 166.42 million green kms using electric vehicles (EVs) and cycles, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly delivery. 
  • Venkatasen, our delivery partner from Chennai, and Santhini from Kochi delivered a whopping 10,360 and 6253 orders each. Ramjeet Singh from Gurgaon delivered 9925 smiles while Pardeep Kaur made 4664 of her fellow Ludhianites happy with food deliveries. 
  • Going the extra mile, one of our delivery partners traveled 45.5 km to deliver some…wait for it- fast food!

Each stat and insight uncovered in our revelations of 2023, is a testament to the diverse palates and evolving food and on-demand delivery culture across India and tells a story of a year well-Swiggy’d. As we continue to celebrate the unique flavours that define our Swiggy journey, here’s to many more delicious tales, gourmet delights, and exciting trends in 2024. 

Note: Data presented is from Swiggy’s order analysis and reflects millions of food, grocery, and other on-demand transactions across India from 01 January- 23 November 2023.

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