Enhance Your Experience by Trying Out the Best Street Food in Nagpur in 2024

December 18, 2023

Enhance Your Experience by Trying Out the Best Street Food in Nagpur

If you wish to ace your culinary game, then you must have some of the most sought-after street food items in Nagpur. The famous City of Oranges is a vibrant and upcoming city of Maharashtra that is renowned for its temples, national parks, and other popular landmarks. As such, the beautiful city has a lot to offer to its tourists.

If you wish to truly unravel the beauty of this city, it is high time you indulge in Nagpur street food scene. The local food landscape in the city has gained immense impetus in the past few years. The local street foods of Nagpur render an assortment of delicious dishes that are drool-worthy in every sense. The city is home to some of the most scrumptious dishes that you would love exploring on your next trip.

What are the Best Options for Famous Street Food in Nagpur?

If you wish to indulge in a truly authentic culinary experience in the City of Oranges, you must try out the street food items here. Most of the delicacies are prepared by using farm fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. Therefore, you will relish the divine flavours of the dishes here prepared by local street food vendors from all parts of the country.

Whether you head out or order food online in Nagpur, here are some of the must-have street food items in Nagpur:

1. Tarri Poha

Tarri Poha

A trip to Nagpur is considered incomplete without having a taste of the iconic Tarri Poha. In most cities of Maharashtra, poha is a staple breakfast item. In Nagpur, the standard poha is enjoyed deliciously with the flavourful tarri poured on top of it.

Tarri is a flavour-rich, spicy curry prepared out of Bengal Gram or chana. Tarri Poha is an ultimate delight with the presence of soft rolled rice, crunchy onions, tangy tomatoes, sev, and peanuts. Therefore, it is one of the most sought-after street food delicacies in Nagpur. 

2. Saoji


Saoji food is highly renowned across Maharashtra, especially Nagpur. The dish is famed for its spicy flavours and is quite popular amongst non-vegetarians of the city. The unique taste of a typical Saoji platter is derived from the use of multiple spices in the preparation of the dish.

Typical Saoji cuisine in Nagpur delivers the flavours of delectable goat meat, prawns, chicken, fish, and egg curries. These flavour-rich curries are served deliciously with hot puffed up rotis or even boiled rice. Scrumptious Saoji dishes in Nagpur are prepared by the locals and are loved by one & all.

3. Patodi Rassa

Patodi Rassa

It is a leading breakfast option in Nagpur. In some cases, people also have it for lunch or dinner. You must try this delicious delicacy at a local street food stall or a popular eatery to relish its divine flavours. 

Patodi Rassa is prepared out of besan or gram flour. The dish features a delicious, tangy, and hot curry prepared by using a myriad of spices. The curry-based dish is usually consumed with Indian breads or bhakri.

4. Misal Pav

Misal Pav

As you hear the name Maharashtra and search for its famous food, Misal Pav is one of the most popular dishes that will top your list. It is a must-have Maharashtrian restaurants delight that is flavourful, rich, and delicious, especially when you have it across the famous local street food vendors of the city. 

Misal is prepared with a spicy masala, onions, and potatoes. To enhance its taste, chiwda is sprinkled on top of the curry. The rich, spicy curry is best consumed with pav, a local Indian bread. Misal Pav is a mouth-watering, well-balanced, and texturally attractive dish of Nagpur.

5. Matka Roti

Matka Roti

Also referred to as Lambi Roti or Randani, Matka Roti in Nagpur is made with the locally grown Lokwan wheat flour. The fresh flour is mixed with water and kneaded with full efforts for almost an hour. Then, the flour is left to ferment and swell for another few hours.

Eventually, a portion of the dough is taken from the whole lot and stretched continuously to be arranged on a searing hot randan or inverted pot. As a result, you get the ever-so-delicious matka roti which appears like a crispy, dosa-like Indian bread. The classic Indian bread is typically consumed with a curry prepared out of Kadaknath Chicken, a rare, all-black variant of chicken known for its rich protein content. 

6. Sandage


Another famous local delicacy in Nagpur, Sandage features a divine blend of a wide range of flavourful pulses, including masoor, urad, moong, chana, and tur. All the pulses are soaked beforehand and ground in the form of a delicious batter. Rich spices are added to the batter to enhance the overall flavours, including cumin, heeng, and chilli powder. 

The rich, spicy batter is then cooked in a masala-based mixture of daal, fish, onion, or brinjal. It is yet another popular street food item in Nagpur that is equally relished by both locals and tourists.


As you visit Nagpur, you must try the local food scene here. While it is traditional, still it is worth-trying and full of local, fresh flavours. You can either visit the famous street food stalls of the city or order food online in Nagpur to have the best-ever experience in your comfort zone. 


1. Can you recommend a place in Nagpur to try street food made with unique local ingredients or spices?

A must-visit street food stall in Nagpur, Zilla Patodi is the ultimate spot to eat the local delicacies of Nagpur. Here, you can have the scrumptious Patodi Kadhi that is loved by one & all. 

2. Are there any street food stalls in Nagpur that offer unique twists to traditional dishes?

If you wish to try out the local flavours of Nagpur but with a unique twist, there are several modern street food stalls that offer this experience. Some of the famous spots are Ghugare Nasta Point, Suraj Dosawala, and Ramji Shyamji Pohewala. 

3. Can you recommend a place in Nagpur to try street food desserts or sweets that are not commonly found elsewhere?

If you wish to relish on the mouth-watering sweet dishes of Nagpur, you can order from the local street food stalls or vendors. Some of the popular eateries in Nagpur are Falani Mastani, Grameen Kulfi, and Burhanpur Jalebi Center.

4. Is there any street food in Nagpur that is unique to the city?

There are several street food delicacies that are distinct to the City of Oranges. Some of the must-have dishes are Misal Pav, Patodi Kadhi, and Saoji Delicacies. You can order them online to enjoy them at the comfort of your home.

5. What are the must-try street food items in Nagpur?

Nagpur is famed for its scrumptious and happening street food scene. Therefore, as you visit the city, you must not miss out on some of the highly sought-after delicacies, including tarri poha, Nagpuri samosa, and patodi kadhi. 

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