10 must try street food in Vadodara

December 24, 2023

 10 Must Try Street Food in Vadodara

Vadodara is one of the most popular cities in Gujarat for street food. Vadodara street food is rich in culinary heritage, fusing traditional Gujarati cuisine with modern twists. Its street cuisine is a combination of rich aromatic flavours and fragrances that not only feed your stomach, but also your soul. The vibrant and bustling streets are ready to exceed your expectations and leave you wanting more

The following are some famous street food Vadodara has to offer: 

1. Jalebi-Fafda:


In the city of Vadodara, morning favourites such as fafda and jalebi are the best street breakfast in Vadodara. Jalebi, a sugary and sticky dessert, is usually eaten with Gujarati fafda, a fried and flavorful snack prepared with gram flour and seasonings. Both tourists and locals are unable to resist the beautiful balance the opposing flavours produce.

2. Khandvi:


Finished with toasted mustard seeds as well as freshly chopped coriander, khandvi is a savoury, rolled appetisers prepared with gram flour plus buttermilk. Gujaratis enjoy this classic delicacy and famous street food in Vadodara because it is tender, melt-in-your-mouth, and mild on the tongue.

3. Sev Usal:

 Sev Usal

This is a strong and flavourful street food recipe that comes from Vadodara. Sev Usal of a hot stew cooked with legumes that is garnished with crispy nylon sev or at times farsan and accompanied with pav or bread rolls. 

4. Tangy Bhelpuri:

Tangy Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is a well-known Indian street-side treat that is available everywhere in the nation, including Vadodara, with every street vendor putting his own unique twist to it. It is a delectable combination of puffed rice or Murmura, sev, finely diced veggies, with a combination of delicious chutneys.

5. Dabeli:


Dabeli is a delectable roadside snack with Gujarati origins. It is made up of a bun loaded with a spicy potato mixture and is topped with wet and dry chutneys, roasted peanuts, and a handful of pomegranate seeds. Dabeli is a highly addicting food due to its mix of sour, sweet, and smoky flavours.

6. Vada Pav:

Vada Pav

 Popularly known as the Indian burger, vada pav is a very common and popular Vadodara street food item. It is made out from a battered and fried potato ball (vada) sandwiched between a fluffy and split roll or ‘pav‘, together with chutneys and occasionally fried green chilies. 

7. Ghughra:


Also nicknamed Karanji, the Ghughra is a delicious Gujarati food that resembles the samosa but contains a sweeter stuffing. A combination of shredded coconut, dried fruits, and sugar is packed inside the shell of semolina or refined flour exterior. These deep-fried treats are a crowd pleaser during celebrations and festivals.

8. Kulfi:


Kulfi Falooda is a decadent and reviving dessert that is ideal for fending off the scorching Indian summers. It consists of a mixture of fragrant basil seeds, rose syrup, velvety kulfi, falooda or vermicelli noodles, and almonds on top. It is an extremely popular street dessert in Vadodara due to the combination of flavours and textures.

9. Patra:


Patra is a steamed food item prepared from wrapped colocasia leaves that have been coated with a spicy gram flour mixture. It is cut following the steaming process, then shallow-fried till crispy. The treat is the best street food in Vadodara because of its distinctive flavor and advantageous nutritional properties.

10. Kachori:


A deep-fried savoury donut stuffed with a fiery concoction of pulses and spices is known as a kachori. You may discover a variety of kachoris in Vadodara, including urad dal, moong dal, and matar kachori. These tasty and crispy nibbles are ideal for a fast and filling snack on the road.

You can find a wide variety of carts and kiosks selling these delectable and authentic local culinary treats as you stroll through Vadodara’s bustling streets. And if you wish to sit back in comfort and order food online from a distant corner of the city, Swiggy has got you covered. Experience the town’s unique and mouthwatering food culture by sampling these must-try roadside delicacies, each of which embodies the rich culinary tradition of Gujarat.


1. Which street food is Vadodara famous for?

“Sev Usal” is among the most well-known meals from Vadodara, a town in the western Indian state of Gujarat, which is famed for its delicious street cuisine. Sev Usal is a savoury and hot meal composed of beans, Indian spices, and copious portions of crunchy nylon sev. It has become a must-try culinary delicacy for tourists as well as locals since it often comes with pav and is topped with freshly chopped coriander, onion slices, and tart chutneys.

2. Where can I find the best local delicacies in Vadodara’s street food scene?

The crowded streets of Mandvi and Raopura are the best street food places in Vadodara where you will discover the greatest regional specialties in Vadodara’s street food market. These places have a thriving street food scene and provide a broad variety of delectable delicacies. You will be spoiled for choice between dishes like the well-known Sev Usal and Fafda-Jalebi and the delectable Pav Bhaji and Dhokla.

3. Where can I find Vadodara’s famous street food dishes like Fafda, Jalebi, or Khandvi?

Visit the town’s well-known culinary centres, like Mandvi’s Fafda-Jalebi shops and Alkapuri’s restaurants, to enjoy some of Vadodara’s well-known street food specialities, like Khandvi. Delicious Fafda paired with hot relish and sweet Jalebi is a speciality of Mandvi. Khandvi,  composed of gram flour, can be found in Alkapuri. These districts are crowded with little shops serving the famed street cuisine of Vadodara in its original, tantalising flavours.

4. Where can I find the best street food desserts in Vadodara?

The busy streets of Mandvi and the well-known Alkapuri district are where you can get Vadodara’s greatest street food sweets. While Alkapuri is renowned for its mouthwatering Kesar Kulfi, Rabdi, and Gulab Jamun, Mandvi provides delicious Jalebi, Malpua, and additional sweets. Everyone in Vadodara with an appetite for sweetness is sure to have a wonderful time in these locations, which are crowded with neighbourhood hawkers and sweet stores that sell traditional and delicious street food desserts.

There are a number of popular street food stall in Vadodara, however, some that have become fan favourites include: Shriram Tamtamwala, Swad Snacks, Kalindi Masala Puff, Raju Patti Samosa, Milan’s Live Dhokla and Masala Chaas, Bhai Bhai Dabeli Panigate Wala, and Jai Mahakali Sev Usal Kirti Stambhwale. 

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