Do not Miss-out on these 10 Must-try Street Food Items in Surat

December 24, 2023

Do not Miss-out on these 10 Must-try Street Food Items in Surat

Renowned for its bustling diamond and textile industries and captivating dynamism, Surat is a city that is worth exploring. Located in Gujarat, Surat is India’s ninth largest urban agglomeration and is also the proud winner of the ‘Best Indian City’ title. Moreover, the fact that a whopping 92 percent of the world’s diamonds are cut in Surat makes the city all the more alluring. However, when we dig deeper into the cultural nitty-gritty of the city, it is easy to understand that gastronomy is at the heart of Surat’s uniqueness. In this blog, we will check out the 10 best Surat street food, and venture on a drool-worthy journey!

The 10 Best Street Food in Surat

1. Sev Tamatar

Sev Tamatar

It is a delicious snack made of tomatoes, sev, and a mouth-watering spice mixture. If you want a flavourful burst of tanginess, spice, and sweetness in your mouth, then Sev Tamatar is a dish that will definitely tug at your heartstrings. The best street food place in Surat to have Sev Tamatar is Vyara – a renowned veg restaurant. 

2. Locho


Locho is a popular street food in Surat and the whole of Gujarat. In plain and simple words, Locho can be defined as steamed Gujarati farsan, which is mouth-watering, delectable, and an absolute crowd-pleaser. Besides, you can find amazing varieties of Locho in Gujarat, such as Schezwan Locho, Italian Locho, and more. 

3. Anda Ghotala

Anda Ghotala

If you love egg dishes, Anda Ghotala will, undoubtedly, check all the right boxes. An ideal mix of eggs and pav bhaji masala, Anda Ghotala is one of the most famous street foods in Surat. You can find the best Anda Ghotala at Chandan Omelette Centre in Surat’s Citylight Road. 

4. Ghari


Ghari is one of the most delicious sweet dishes of Surat. Prepared in pure ghee and stuffed with an assortment of dry fruits, Ghari is a Surat street food that you will remember for years after having a bite. Besides being a popular dessert, Ghari is also prepared in the households of Surat during festivals and celebrations. You can find Ghari in any sweetshop of Surat, and fret not, as most of them taste equally phenomenal. 

5. Dabeli


Dabeli or Double Roti is a popular street food in Surat. The word ‘Dabeli’ literally translates to ‘pressed,’ and is said to have been created by Keshavji Gabha Chudasama in the 1960s. Dabeli is a sweet snack made by mixing boiled potatoes with a special ‘Dabeli’ masala, putting the mixture in a pav or bun, and serving with chutneys made of garlic, tamarind, red chillies, and more. One of the highlights of Dabeli is that it is garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts. The fact that 20 lakh dabelis are consumed everyday in the Kutch region of Gujarat is enough proof of the dish’s popularity. 

6. Undhiyu


A combination of 8 special vegetables grown in Surat are cooked for hours to make this special street food that we call Undhiyu. It gets its name from the Gujarati word – Undhu – meaning upside down. The vegetables are stirred well upside down in special earthen wares to provide Undhiyo its exquisitely delicious taste. Another highlight of this special Surat street food is that its recipe has been passed on from generations in every household of Surat. 

7. Bhajiya


Bhajiya is a Surat Indian street food that is cherished and adored by all. You can find Bhajiya on almost every footpath of Surat City. However, the unique aspect is that every Bhajiya vendor has something special to offer. The best Bhajiyas can be found at the stalls opposite Iscon Mall. There are a range of Bhajiya types you can munch on. From Aloo Bhajiya to Kanda Bhajiya, Chilly Bhajiya, Ratalu Bhajiya, Tameta Bhajiya, and more, the list is truly endless. Besides, the delight of consuming this savoury snack on the glittery streets near malls in the open air is worth experiencing. You will witness families who spread their mats on the footpaths near malls to eat Bhajiya and other foods and relax. 

8. Misal Pav

 Misal Pav

Although an inherently Maharashtrian delicacy, Misal Pav is also loved and enjoyed by people of Surat. So, when in the city, do not forget to try this savoury delicacy. The dish consists of misal, which is a spicy curry made from moth beans and pav or bun. The final dish is garnished with sev, onions, lemon, and cilantro. Misal Pav is usually served hot and toasted with butter and complemented with dahi or papad. One of the best street food places in Surat to have Misal Pav is Mega Mumbai Fast Foods at Adajan Gam. 

9. Ponkh


Ponkh refers to fresh jowar grains in Gujarati lexicon and by Ponkh street food, we mean are Ponkh Wadas or Pakoras, made of tender jowar grains. It is a local Gujarati snack absolutely loved by people living in Surat. Besides being incredibly scrumptious, Ponkh is also among the healthiest street foods you will find anywhere.

10. Khaja


Last but not least, Khaja is a popular Surat street food that is sweet, sugary, and addictively delicious. Also known as Sata or Chirote, Khaja is a traditional Gujarati sweet that is prepared on special occasions, such as Holi and Diwali. You can also find Khaja in the local sweet shops. Some of the best places to enjoy Khaja in Surat include Sarasiya Khaja and Motiram, and the cost per piece is around INR 20 to 50. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the 10 best street foods in Surat. The Diamond City of India is also a gem when it comes to culinary and delectable street food. You can order food online from Swiggy in Surat. Along with the dishes mentioned above, some other popular street foods of Surat include Pav Bhaji, Dhokla, Khaman, Pista Lounge, and more.


1. Which food is Surat famous for?

Ans. Surat is famous for a wide platter of dishes, including Nankhatai, Ghari, Undhiyo, Locho, Samosa, Misal Pav, Khaman, and more. The city is, indeed, a food lover’s paradise, and has scrumptious vegetarian options in street foods. They are delicious, budget-friendly, and accessible.

2. Can you provide a list of the most famous street food stalls in Surat?

Ans. Some of the most famous street food stalls in Surat include Jani Locho House, Mini Meals, Gangour, Kailash Sweets and Snacks, Motiram, Chatkaaz, and more. These places offer a range of Surati Indian street food specialties, such as Locho, Misal Pav, Nan Khatai, Sweets, Khaman, Pav Bhaji, and more.

3. Where can I find the best street food in Surat?

Ans. Surat is a food lover’s haven. From Anda Ghotala to Khaja and Khaman, the city’s culinary specialties are countless. Some of the most fascinating and worthy places to have street food in Surat include Maakhan Bhog, Shiva Shakti, Karnavati Dabeli Center, Balaji Restaurant, Locha Misal Pav, and more.

4. What is the speciality of Locho and Khaman?

Ans. The speciality of Locho is its dumpling shape, delicious taste and unique varieties. On the contrary, the sweet and savoury taste of Khaman is its speciality.

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