People, Products and Growth: An Engineer’s Journey From Strength to Strength!

December 27, 2023

Discovering Vijay Selvam’s five-year journey as an engineer at Swiggy.

A passion for applying engineering solutions to serve people brought Vijay Selvam to Swiggy. Finding himself in the right mix of purpose, vision, capability, care and motivation, he leveraged his creativity to create a lasting impression on products, processes, and people. Having worked across three high-impact positions in five years, Vijay takes a moment to share a glimpse of his journey. 

Image of Vijay Selvam
Vijay Selvam

Tell us about the beginning of your Swiggy ride. What was your role when you joined the company and how has it changed over the years?

I started my journey with Swiggy as a Quality Assurance Engineer in 2018. After a while, I progressed to the position of Lead SDET. By 2021, I had further advanced to take on the role of Engineering Manager. So, it’s been a fast and exciting ride, full of learnings and growth. 

How would you describe your journey at Swiggy?

Over the course of my tenure, my roles allowed me the privilege of collaborating with diverse teams like Serviceability, Search, Consumer apps, and more. I’ve had the chance to work on impactful projects, interact with exceptional colleagues, and experience continuous personal and professional growth. I feel a genuine sense of pride when I think back on my achievements at Swiggy, and eagerly look forward to doing more fantastic work with the organisation.

Looking back, what would you say has been the best moment of your tenure at Swiggy?

It’s difficult to mention one or two, because I’ve been fortunate enough to have several memorable experiences at Swiggy. But still, if I were to shine the spotlight on a particular moment, it would be the day we launched a comprehensive UI automation framework after building it from the ground up. This framework significantly expanded our regression testing coverage, making it a valuable resource across the entire organisation. This project was a source of immense pride for our team. It also exemplified the immense potential for innovation and progress within Swiggy.

What led you to join Swiggy?

I was drawn to Swiggy quite simply because of its remarkable reputation in the food delivery industry. The company’s commitment to innovation, its customer-centric approach, and its vision for reshaping the way people experience food delivery resonated with me. Also, I wanted to join an organisation where I could create meaningful impact, work on cutting-edge technology, and contribute to the company’s growth. Considering all this, Swiggy was the clear choice!

What was your first day at Swiggy like?

My first day at Swiggy was pure excitement! The HR team welcomed me warmly and took me through their extremely smooth onboarding process. I met my team and leadership, got introduced to the company’s culture and values, and was briefed about the ongoing projects. It was an absolutely great experience because I very quickly felt like an integral part of a dynamic and innovative company. And that feeling has continued throughout my time here.

If you could, what would you say to the Day 1 version of yourself?  

I would tell my younger self to embrace every opportunity and challenge with enthusiasm and curiosity. And I’d encourage him to ask questions, seek out mentors, and keep pushing himself. Furthermore, I would assure him that his journey at Swiggy is going to be filled with growth, learning, and incredible experiences, that he’s on the right path to personal and professional development, and every step he takes will lead to fulfilling achievements. Lastly, I’d remind him to enjoy the ride and make the most of every moment, because the journey at this company is something he’s going to treasure for life.

Are there any lessons you’ve learnt here that can be carried forward in life?

Absolutely, my experience with Swiggy has been a treasure trove of valuable lessons. I realised the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of change and challenges. I learnt the power of collaboration, the significance of innovation, and the value of continuous learning. These lessons have become the principles I apply to all aspects of life. I am grateful for the experiences I’ve gained here and I know they will positively shape my path ahead.

What would you say played an important role in your decision to stay with Swiggy?

Multiple factors have influenced my choice to continue my journey with Swiggy. Foremost among them is the dynamic and progressive work culture that fosters creativity and pushes the limits of possibilities. The support of my colleagues and mentors has also played a huge role. Also, I believe the chance to contribute to cutting-edge projects and the company’s steadfast commitment to a customer-centric approach have been pivotal in my decision. Last but certainly not least, the flexibility of remote-working and the array of employee-care policies have made Swiggy the place to be.

What’s one Swiggy value you resonate the most with and why?

The Swiggy value ‘Customer Comes First’ deeply resonates with me because it embodies the fundamental principle of delivering outstanding service. It reflects Swiggy’s unwavering commitment to prioritise our customers’ needs and satisfaction above all else. This mindset pushes us to proactively gather feedback and devise applicable solutions. We even have a dedicated platform called Osmosis which gives us insight into the end user’s journey, encouraging every Swiggy engineer to see things from the customer’s perspective.

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