7 Best Healthy Restaurants in Nagpur for Fitness Fanatic

February 25, 2024

Nagpur is one of those Maharashtrian cities which hardly comes into the discussion when the goodness of culinary delights across India is debated upon. From scrumptious street foods such as Misal Paav and Vada Paav to chaats, samosas, and various global cuisines, the people here take their food very seriously. The Nagpur food mostly consists of an assortment of Indian spices. You will find great dishes which surely satisfy the cravings of many foodies. But what about all those new year resolutions for eating healthy again? 

Maybe someone in your office has ordered pizza in the afternoon, and before that, your friend has already texted for a dinner party at his home. Either way, when you hitch the plans for these casual lunches or dinners as you start doing workouts and decide to eat healthy foods. A healthy meal theoretically means eating a salad or a platter with sauteed veggies, which are colorful, versatile, and good for you. But who says it can’t be appetizing? Some people believe that healthy foods are tasteless and boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Therefore, here we have listed down the best delivery kitchens and best healthy restaurants in Nagpur to order healthy dishes from in the city of overtime. So, now you can enjoy the experience of dining out or ordering food online without adding on the extra pounds and feeling guilty afterward!

Top 7 Best Healthy Food Places in Nagpur <h2>

1. Green Leaf Grill Restaurant


Green Leaf Grill is popular chain of restaurants in Nagpur is known for healthy and vegan food options. It provides a wide selection of wholesome dishes, including salads, sandwiches, wraps, and juices. Here you will find every meal is made with organic and fresh ingredients to provide some of the city’s most healthy fare. If you are looking to dine out, then we must say this place is quite exciting and inviting, with comfortable seating. Check out their healthy delights now that a fitness fanatic shouldn’t miss.

2. Breakfast Story

Healthy Breakfast

For the foodies, who love to gorge on healthy breakfast at any time of the day, the Breakfast Story is the best place to dine in. This healthy restaurant in Nagpur is famous for its funky breakfast platters. It is a cozy and crazy cocoon for food lovers, where each plate is curated for a wholesome and balanced diet. As the name suggests, this place is famous for its healthy breakfast options such as smoothie bowls, egg dishes, oatmeals, veggies, cut fruits, coffee & iced tea beverages, and all for just Rs. 250. If you are fond of American & healthy breakfast after your fitness regime, then this place is sure to visit. Also, the interior of the restaurant offers relishing vintage vibes with cassettes, mobiles, cameras, coins, newspapers, and page stamps from across countries. What makes this restaurant even more special is the fact that it changes its menu on a daily basis, except for the egg dishes and the sides that remain the same throughout.

3. Healthalicious Cafe

Healthy and Organic Food

Now say goodbye to the stress of dieting, as the Healthalicious cafe in Nagpur is there to transform the way of approach to healthy eating. It offers a range of options for healthy and organic foods that not only help in maintaining your calorie count but also help in satiating your cravings. Just order the dishes, and you will get the meals tailored as per your fitness goals and can enjoy it too! You can also try their customized healthy subscription plans that are affordable and delicious to eat. 

4. Butter Khichdi

Butter Khichdi

Butter Khichdi is one of the finest healthy spots in Nagpur that specializes in offering flavorsome varieties of Khichdi. It is the perfect place to enjoy dal khichdi, veg pulao, jeera khichdi and more. Their menu is all made with sourced fresh ingredients and made in a healthier way. So, if you are a die hard fan of Khichdi or it’s included in your diet chart, then don’t miss this place while you are in Nagpur. Go and try it for yummy Khichdi without compromising on calories!

5. Haldiram’s Restaurant

Paani Puri

Haldiram, the name itself is enough! The brand value of this restaurant is so high that it has gained a huge fan following from across India with various chains of the restaurants. For sure, the quality of food served here is too good, and you can find this place fully packed during the morning and evening hours, of course, because of the finest food quality and affordable prices. Head over to this place for a wide range of street food options and quick bites from chaats to Pani puri and from rotis to rice and thallis. Though you can find many outlets of Haldiram in the city, the Sadar one is the most popular one. 

6. Fuel Fitness Courtyard


Are you taking the first step in the world of healthy eating? There is no better place to take the pledge than Fuel Fitness Courtyard. This elegant cafe serves not only delectable food but also healthy options such as Wheat Maggi, Oats, multigrain burgers, sandwiches, and more. The place also serves amazing brownies and pasta to satiate the foodie in you without throwing off your fitness goals. 

7. FruitWell

Fruit Salad

Looking for fresh-cut fruits after your gym or workouts? Visit Fruitwell Corner, which serves a fusion of fresh-cut fruits and juices. The best part is it is located at the heart of the city, and the preparation environment is hygienic. Offers great services and is highly recommended for all fruit and juice lovers. 


There’s more to explore in the City of Oranges. We are sure that you will have a great time enjoying the dishes from the healthy restaurants in Nagpur, as we mentioned above. You can either dine in or order food online from Swiggy. We believe in providing food experiences even more enjoyable to the people and ensure the highest hygiene practices while delivering to your doorsteps. 

So, let the healthy food trip begin with us! 
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