From one learning to another, a sales intern’s journey at Swiggy!

February 28, 2024

Sales intern Diksha Pasari shared her experience of working at Swiggy.

Diksha Pasari joined Swiggy with an intense determination to contribute value to the organisation. This drive, fueled by her curiosity and hard work, has made her a bright success in her brief time at the company. 

She spoke about her time at the company shortly after her internship concluded. 

Our Sales Intern - Diksha Pasari

1. Describe your journey of joining Swiggy.

I was so keen on working with Swiggy that I applied for the internship via multiple platforms. My excitement shot through the roof when I received a call from Swiggy’s HR team a few hours after submitting my application. The entire process was remarkably smooth and timely. I couldn’t believe that I was able to join one of my dream companies in less than a week. 

2. How did you feel on your first day at Swiggy?

As I stepped inside the Swiggy office, I felt like I was becoming a part of something big and exciting. The warm welcome and orientation got me acquainted with the company’s culture. I met the team I was to join. In the days that followed, my mentor briefed me about my role and trained me on various aspects, including account hygiene, setting up discounts, viewing dashboards, communicating with restaurant partners, and more. I quickly felt immersed in the dynamic field sales environment. 

3. What was your perception about Swiggy before joining the company? And how did it change after?

Before joining Swiggy, I perceived it simply as a prominent player in the food delivery industry. However, during my time as a sales Intern, I discovered the nitty-gritty of working as and being a Swiggster. It’s incredible how much importance the company gives to innovation, employee growth, and community engagement.

4. What did a typical day look like for you while interning at Swiggy?

As a sales Intern, my daily responsibilities included enhancing app hygiene for fringe-zone outlets, communicating with restaurant partners to monitor their business and address application-related issues, sourcing competitive discounts, and contributing to overall GMV improvement.

5. Walk us through the training and learning opportunities that helped you understand the sales domain better.

Swiggy’s learning programmes covered various aspects related to sales, but I found special interest in effective communication and market analysis. These programmes taught me to interpret outlet financial reports, analyse business and customer metrics with PowerBI dashboards, and strategise discounts to boost orders and attract new customers. 

6. Was there an instance where you felt challenged by a task?

One challenging situation I faced was communicating with a new restaurant partner. It was through practice and patience that I overcame this shortcoming. By making several calls, actively listening to concerns, and understanding their challenges I began to feel comfortable building a rapport with the partner. Using simple language and continuously following up proved essential in bridging the communication gap.

7. What’s one Swiggy value you resonated the most with and why?

Always be Curious, Always be Learning’ is the Swiggy value that resonated with me the most. It inspired a mindset of continuous learning, exploration, and innovation. I believe embracing this ethos drives professional and personal growth while contributing to organisational success. 

8. What aspects of Swiggy’s work culture stood out for you?

It was amazing to see how the work culture here perfectly blends professionalism with camaraderie and how it seamlessly facilitates open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration. Swiggy made a genuine effort to create a positive and energetic atmosphere that made every day enjoyable for me. 

9. How did your experience at Swiggy differ from that of other organisations? 

The factor that distinguishes Swiggy from other companies is the thought and care they put into every decision and action. It was fantastic to experience how the organisation took equal care of both business and people. Every person there embraced the company values and employed a customer–first approach for every action. These factors made Swiggy stand out for me, and I believe it reflects in the company’s products as well.

10. Based on your experience, what advice would you give other interns at Swiggy?

I would advise them to embrace every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow; stay proactive, foster relationships, and leverage the resources and support that Swiggy offers. Most importantly, enjoy the journey knowing that everything you do matters. 

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