Taste the Essence of Kolkata: Traditional Bengali Food

February 28, 2024

Bengali cuisine has subtle as well as fiery flavors, which are well suited for the Indian palate. Authentic Bengali food offered in well-known establishments in Kolkata is something that every food lover must indulge in, once in a lifetime. Kolkata has more to offer than its explicitly famous mishti doi, mutton biryani, and bhaat and Ilish macch. Let us take a look at some of the mouth-watering cuisines and Kolkata traditional food that you can enjoy when you are in the city of Joy. 

Traditional Bengali food specialties unique to Kolkata

1. Macher jhol

Macher jhol

Bengali food is not complete without fish. Fish curry, also known as Macher Jhol, is the most well-known fish preparation available in Kolkata. It is an old-fashioned, hot curry prepared using vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes and spiced with onions, garlic, and ginger. It is paired with white rice to create a delectable dish that is adored by both residents and visitors.

2. Shukto


Shukto is one of the most well-liked vegetarian dishes in Kolkata. Various vegetables, including bottled gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, and potatoes, are used to cook the dish. Rice and flatbread are frequently served with this. Dig in to enjoy this dish’s partially sweet, partially bitter flavor.

3. Mochar Ghonto

Mochar Ghonto

Mochar Ghonto is regarded as a popular Kolkata traditional food. It is prepared with grated coconut and banana blossom, and rice is served with it. The banana flower is thoroughly cleaned before being pressure-cooked with spices to bring out the flavourful juices.

4. Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is a mouthwatering side dish that is a staple of Kolkatan cuisine and a traditional Bengali food in Kolkata. It’s a hot potato dish that is prepared in mustard oil and spiced with poppy seeds and green chilies to enhance the flavor. The meal is served with hot flatbreads, rice, and other curries, and it has a deep, nutty flavor.

The uniqueness of Kolkata’s traditional food

More than “Sondesh” and “Roshogulla” are known to make up Kolkata and its diverse food culture. The traditional cuisine of the city, which incorporates variations from the British, Parsis, and Mughals’ cultural influences, is a great example of the city’s rich culinary past. There is something for everyone in Kolkata, including filling desserts, robust meat dishes, and delectable seafood. Bengal’s remarkably rich soil and its rivers, which supply the state with a plethora of resources, are the two factors that contribute to the tradition of its cuisine. Bengal’s traditional dish consists of rice and fish curry because of the region’s remarkable paddy agriculture and the abundance of different fish species. The food’s flavor and texture appeal to a variety of palates: hot and sour, minty, creamy and sweet, hot and spicy, and sweet and sour.

The variety of traditional Bengali street food in Kolkata

1. Phuchkas


There are a plethora of places where you can taste this mouth-watering dish. The papri chaat, dum aloo phuchkas, and dahi phuchkas are among the best street foods in Kolkata. Your go-to spot in this area can be the Maharaja Chaat Centre on Southern Avenue. Another tempting treat is churmur, a member of the phuchka family and a cousin. Churmur tastes absolutely exquisite when paired with tangy masalas, tamarind pulp, mashed potatoes, and broken papris, making it another scrumptious traditional Bengali food in Kolkata.

2. Momos


Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit is one of the best locations to enjoy these amazing dumplings. Tibetan food has always been a staple in Kolkata. The exact epitome of comfort food, momos are served here with a steaming bowl of soup and the ideal dipping sauce. The momos available in Kolkata are exquisite, and the affordable rates will leave you speechless and hankering for more! You can also choose to order momos online. 

3. Ghoti Gorom

Ghoti Goram

The authentically wonderful combination of chanachur, lemon juice, and onion is the ultimate Kolkata street food you must have. The combination of tea and ghoti gorom is something you should not miss.  

Let us now explore some of the popular restaurants from where you can order authentic Kolkata cuisine. 

Best places to try out traditional Bengali food in Kolkata

Oh! Calcutta

Fish Curry

It is a gourmet bliss to consume Bengali cuisine in its home city. The cuisine available here, which is the perfect traditional Bengali food in Kolkata, is especially well-known for its delicious seafood dishes, which are abundant on the menu. Oh! Calcutta, which is a tad on the pricey side, is a location for families and foodies. Definitely get one of their creative signature cocktails with a Bengali touch to go with your meal.

2. Sonar Tori

Bengali Rohu

The chefs at the restaurant are experts in Kolkata traditional food, modifying them for Sonar Tori’s gleaming, golden tables. Bangladeshi cuisine finds its way into Sonar Tori’s menu, just like it does in many other restaurants in Kolkata. There are many options available because of the wide variety. However, if you find yourself lost, go for the buffet.

3. Ballygunge Place

Kosha Mangsho

Bengali cuisine and Kolkata traditional food are celebrated on the menu at 6 Ballygunge Place. The restaurant has an outstanding a la carte menu and serves traditional Bengali fare, including several dishes made in local Bengali kitchens. You can choose their buffet since it is more condensed but still includes the best of their offerings because the variety is rather large and may be confusing to you. “Kosha Mangsho” is one example. The dish is a staple of Bengali cuisine, and the greatest kosha mangsho in town can be found at 6 Ballygunge Place. 

4. Mitra Cafe

Mughlai Paratha

Like non-vegetarian food? A visit to Mitra Café is a must. Period. A must-try dish is the Mutton Kabiraji cutlet. Any non-vegetarian foodie would go absolutely foodgasmic when they bite into this mutton mince filling wrapped in an egg net and deep-fried treat! Everything from fish fingers to mughlai parathas is available here. There are rolls available for every occasion, and none of them will let you down. You can either visit the place or choose to order food online. 


Food is only one of the many aspects of Kolkata that make it the “City of Joy.” Bengali cuisine, or Kolkata traditional food, can be order online from Swiggy, a food delivery platform. Not only can you get online food delivery within 30-40 minutes, but also you can enjoy lucrative offers and discounts on your order. The infusion of the flavor from China, the Mughal Empire, Britain, and even Europe in Bengali food is what makes the food culture of this city extremely diverse!


1. What is the specialty of Kolkata’s traditional street food?

The variety and mouth-watering taste is something that makes Kolkata’s traditional street food extremely special for food lovers.

2. What makes Kolkata’s traditional food unique?

The amalgamation of Bengali culture, along with exquisite taste and the ease of making each dish make all the traditional food of Kolkata substantially more unique.

3. What are some traditional Bengali food specialties that are unique to Kolkata?

Macher jhol, muri ghonto, aloo posto, mochar ghonto, kosha mangsho, and shukto are some of the Bengali food specialties among many.

4. What is Kolkata cuisine?

The mixture of traditional Bengali food and the fusion of a plethora of decadent street food make up Kolkata cuisine that can be enjoyed by everyone.

5. What makes Kolkata’s traditional food items unique and worth trying?

The taste of each dish, along with the authentic Bengali culture and its nuances that exude from the aroma of all the dishes, make the traditional food of Kolkata worth trying.

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