Top 10 Must-try Street Foods in Bhopal

February 28, 2024

Also known as the City of Lakes, Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Located in the fertile plain of the Malwa Plateau, the city lies north of the Vindhyas Range. Bhopal was initially a part of the Bhopal princely state, which was founded in 1723 by Dost Mohammad Khan. Moreover, Bhopal was the second-largest Muslim principality of the British Empire. Currently, the city is known for its thriving economics, bustling commercialization, and historic wonders. 

Besides, a myriad of artificial and natural lakes inundate the city, which makes it all the more appealing. One of the most distinctive aspects of Bhopal is that it serves as a marker of religious unity, as Hindus and Muslims have been harmoniously living in the city for centuries. This unity is reflected in the cuisine of Bhopal, as well. The city is famous for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The region’s culinary aesthetic is heavily influenced by Muslim gastronomy along with a strong influence of Marwari culinary culture. Along with the scrumptious kebabs and curries, Bhopal’s street food is also spectacular.

In this blog, we will venture out on a drool-worthy endeavor and check out some of the best street foods in Bhopal.

Best Bhopal Street Foods to Try in 2023

1. Suleimani Chai

Suleimani Chai

India is famous for its tea and the different unique methods of preparing it. Suleimani chai is a type of special tea that has a unique blend of sweetness and saltiness. It is made by mixing sugar and salt coupled with a generous helping of cream at the end. The special recipe of Suelimani Chai is a secret of Old Bhopal, and can only be found at Jamal Bhai’s Tea Shop in Itwara Chowk.

Well, truth be told, one cup of Suleimani Chai is enough to keep you energized throughout the day. But, with a taste so exquisite, you are sure to crave more than a cup!

2. Poha Jalebi

Poha Jalebi

The second most famous street food of Bhopal is Poha Jalebi. The combination of Poha – a common breakfast dish and Jalebi – a sweet, seems peculiar. But, this uncanny duo is truly a marvel for the tastebuds. The airness of the Poha and its tart flavour amalgamated with the sweetness of the freshly made hot Jalebis is a delectable experience, something that will be etched in your mind for years after you have had a bite of the dish. 

3. Bun Kebabs

Bun Kebabs

A very popular Bhopal street food is Bun Kebab. These are tender kebabs served in buttered buns with chutney and garnish. It is one of the best non-vegetarian foods of Bhopal and is emblematic of the city’s Muslim culture, history, and overall influence. The best place to have Bun Kebabs is Chatori Gali, which is known for its phenomenal street food stalls. The Bun Kebabs, which is minced meat ground with spices and then fried is a speciality, and a delicacy worth trying. 

4. Paya Soup

Paya Soup

The fourth Bhopal street food you must try is Paya Soup. It is also widely available in Bhopal’s Chatori Gali, a street that can be compared to Delhi’s Chandni Chowk or Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road. The Mutton Paya Soup of Bhopal is a mouth-watering dish, prepared by slow-boiling lamb in a broth all day long and then delicately spiced. Unlike the Paya Soup served in other parts of India, the Paya Soup of Bhopal is quite thick and less oily. Visit Chatori Gali to relish on deliciously thick Paya Soup poured into bowls, and garnished with lamb shreds, spices, and chopped coriander.

5. Chaat and Bedmi Puris

Bedmi Puri

Truth be told, there is nothing like Chaat and Bedmi Puri, also known as Bedmi Puri Aloo Sabji. This street food often substitutes as a breakfast or an early brunch in Bhopal. The balanced flavours and satiating elements make Chaat and Bedmi Puris incredibly indulgent. The best place to order this food item online is Agra Chaat Bhandar in Hawkers Corner.

6. Sheermal


If you want to try out the most scrumptious and mouth-watering Sheermal, then Bhopal is the place to be. Hotel Jameel in Ibrahimpura serves these saffron-flavoured flatbreads that we call Sheermal. These baked delicacies pair perfectly with fried chicken and Kababs and offer a heavenly burst of flavour in the mouth. 

7. Shahi Tukda

Shashi Tukda

In the old city of Bhopal, there is no dearth of stalls serving their own version of Shahi Tukda. It is a Mughlai-inspired dessert that comprises chunks of bread that have been soaked in a dry fruit custard and then coated with sugar. You can also get Kheer and mango ice cream at some of these establishments. Koh-e-Fiza is a place renowned for its heavenly and scrumptious sweet treats in Bhopal

8. Barfi Rasmalai

Barfi Rasmalai

The eight best Bhopal street food is Barfi Rasmali. This drool-worthy dessert is definitely loved by all, and one simply cannot stop after having one piece. Surendra Jain’s Barfi Rasmalai Drona is one of the most delicious and intriguing Barfi Rasmalais, and definitely a dish worth trying when you are in Bhopal. It is made of crushed ice that is combined with creamy Rabri, scented syrup, and rose water, and then served in a bowl made of dried leaves, which is known as the titular Drona.

9. Imarti


One of the best veg street foods of Bhopal has to be Imarti. It is a popular and delectable sweet dish, which resembles the look of a Jalebi. Imarti is orange-reddish in colour and has a sweeter flavour than Jalebis. Its shape is also distinct, and different from Jalebis. Imarti is made with sugar, ghee, corn flour, saffron, and cardamom. The ultra juiciness and deliciousness of Imarti will leave you wanting for more. The best street food places in Bhopal to have this sweet delight is at Hamidia Road in Rangi Colony.

10. Dal Pakwan

Dal Pakwan

Last but not least, Dal Pakwan is another delicious street food of Bhopal. It mostly acts as a breakfast for Sindhis and doubles as a scrumptious and handy street food. Dal Pakwan includes a deep fried Puri made of maida, which is served with cooked Chana Dal and garnished with onions and tamarind pulp. You can find Dal Pakwan in the Bairagarh area of Bhopal.

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the ten best street foods of Bhopal. Often, the gastronomic superiority of Bhopal is overshadowed and remains underrated. But, if you are a true-blue foodie, then Bhopal’s culinary platter will tug at your heartstrings. Some of the most fascinating and must-visit street food joints of the city include Jhili Miyaan, where you can find the very famous Bade Ke Kebabs, Cycle Soup Wala – famous for its ‘soups,’ dosas, and chaats, Jameel and its Kebabs, and much more. In addition, Chatori Gali of Bhopal is also a food lover’s paradise, and you can find some of the best foods in Bhopal,  mouth-watering desserts, and non-veg dishes on this street. 

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