Best Must-have Street Food in Ujjain on Your Trip

March 3, 2024

As a traveler, you must crave traditional, local cuisine as you visit a new place. Ujjain is a famous historical and pilgrimage city in the state of Madhya Pradesh that is also renowned for its rich culinary culture. 

In the city of Ujjain, vegetarian delights and dishes are highly favored. There are several street food stalls and eateries that delight the taste buds of non-vegetarians as well. Offering a classic blend of Rajasthani and  Punjabi cuisines, do not miss out on treating your taste buds to the best authentic street foods of Ujjain on your trip.

What are the Best Street Food Items in Ujjain?

Ujjain has a historic and cultural significance amongst several other cities in North India. Whether you consider its geographical location or the rich historical background, its cultural influences, and spiritual grounds, the city has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Nonetheless, the street food culture of Ujjain is equally inviting and sought-after by both locals and tourists alike.

The local cuisine of the region is amongst one of the aspects that sets Ujjain apart from others. Once you get a taste of the delight street food items and authentic delicacies of the city, you will fall in love with the local cuisine of the region. Here are some of the must-have street food in Ujjain you must not miss out on:

1. Dal Bafla

This delicacy hails originally from the state of Rajasthani. However, many street food stalls and famous eateries in the city offer this delicious recipe with a twist in terms of the overall taste or presentation. A thali of dal bafla is indeed scrumptious and fulfilling.

Bafla is typically soaked in desi ghee to enrich the overall flavours. On a typical thali, it is served alongside other delicacies, including a bowl of nutritious dal, aloo sabji, kadhi, garlic chutney, and rice. It calls for a wholesome meal when you order a plate of dal bafla. For the sweet-lovers, the thali also incorporates a small offering of delicious churma ladoo. You can complete the meal with a glass of buttermilk for digesting the food. 

2. Aloo Puri

Alloo Puri

If you ask a local about a satisfying, delicious meal option, they would typically suggest a plate of aloo puri. The local, authentic dish in Ujjain is both delicious and fulfilling at the same time. Crispy, round puris are deep-fried in desi ghee to enhance the overall flavors. 

Moreover, spicy and lip-smacking aloo sabzi is full of taste due to the addition of fresh ingredients. In most stalls and eateries, you can have a plate of aloo puri at highly affordable rates.

3. Makhan Bada

Makhan Bada

Are you fond of sweets? The local street food culture of Ujjain has the perfect delicacies for you. Makhan Bada is a sweet specialty from the state of Rajasthan that has made its way into the sweet delights of Ujjain as well.

It is a traditional Rajasthani sweet that is prepared out of maida or refined wheat flour dough balls that are deep fried. Later, they are immersed in a sugary syrup. As you have a single bite of this sweet dish, it will simply melt in your mouth. You can also relish the flaky texture of the sweet item which enhances the overall experience. 

4. Kandawada

There are several small street food stalls and shops that sell this delicacy, especially during the early hours of the morning. Typically, kandawada is a deep-fried patty that is prepared by mixing gram flour and other ingredients.

To enhance the taste and texture of the snack item, most vendors add special ingredients like dry coriander, spinach, ginger, mint, green chilies, and garlic to the batter. It is a popular breakfast snack in Ujjain that can be combined with tea to make your entire day worthwhile.

5. Aloo Bada

It is a spicy local delight in Ujjain. A typical aloo bada features a fulfilling, spicy potato patty that is sandwiched between buns or bada to balance out the rich flavors. It is a simple yet highly sought-after breakfast option in Ujjain.

6. Chhole Tikki Chaat

There are several local chaat corners in Ujjain selling some of the most delectable snack items in the city. While there are several variations of a typical chaat, one of the most sought-after options is the chhole tikki chaat. 

It typically comprises all the standard chaat ingredients dipped in a heavenly, spicy chhole curry. The dish is also enhanced by adding tangy tamarind chutney, mint chutney, sev, and curd on top. The entire plate is beautifully garnished with fresh coriander leaves. You can come across a number of local street food vendors selling this delicious snack item at highly affordable rates.


In addition to being a famous spiritual destination, the city of Ujjain also takes pride in presenting its authentic cuisine. The local dishes here are beautifully reflected through the wide range of street food items offered by food stalls, carts, and even eateries in the city. The best part is that if you are tired from all the exploration, you can order food online in Ujjain to enjoy at your comfort.


1. What is Ujjain street food known for?

The street food scene in Ujjain is quite lively and vibrant. Here, you will come across a series of food stalls and carts selling some of the most delectable snack items. Moreover, you can also relish the divine meal options that are easily available at cost-effective prices. 

When you are in Ujjain, you must try out the local street food items that are famed for their overall taste and specialities. Some of the must-have street food delights in Ujjain are chhole chaat, aloo bada, kandawada, and so more. 

3. Where can I find Ujjain’s street food?

The local street food scene of the city is widespread across its famous streets and lanes. As you take a walk across the pilgrimage city, you will spot a number of food stalls and eateries in almost every nook & corner of the city.

4. What is the best time to enjoy Ujjain street food?

The street food delicacies of the holy city can be enjoyed across all seasons and times. You can start early in the morning while ending your food endeavors till late evening. 

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