Try These Famous Street Food Items in Bhubaneswar

March 3, 2024

The locals of Bhubaneswar are fond of their local delicacies, especially the street food grandeur. Quite similar to a typical Bengali platter, the local Odia cuisine is also flavourful and delicious by all means. The cuisine and recipes here share their common love for mustard oil, spices, meat, and fish. All these core ingredients are effectively reflected in the high-end street food culture of Bhubaneswar. 

As you go on exploring the rich street food landscape of the city, you will come across several street food vendors presenting their delicacies on the narrow lanes every evening, selling the highly sought-after local dishes that you will relish. Find out the best street food in Bhubaneswar as we take you on a culinary adventure of the city.

What are the Best Street Food Items in Bhubaneswar?

Steeped in rich cultural history and heritage, Bhubaneswar is also blessed with a vibrant street food scene. The lively city offers various aromas and flavors that tantalize the taste buds. From mouthwatering delights to spicy snacks, the city’s streets and lanes come alive with an exciting assortment of local specialties that showcase the authentic flavors of the dishes here.

Here are some of the best street food items you must try in Bhubaneswar:

Dahibara Aloo Dum


It is one of the most popular street food items in Bhubaneswar. The dish primarily features two main ingredients, Aloo Dum and Dahibara. To assemble the entire dish together, the plate is typically filled with some succulent pieces of Dahibara. The plate is eventually topped with a generous amount of Aloo Dum.

The entire plate is garnished with different toppings, including sweet yogurt, roasted cumin powder, tamarind chutney, coriander leaves, onions, and even sev. The combination of flavourful Aloo Dum and soft Dahibara creates an interesting blend of immense tastes and textures. 

2. Chaat

Aaloo Chat

In Bhubaneswar, it is common to spot multiple street food stalls selling the famous Aloo Matar Chaat dish. It is a flavourful, tasty street food delight that combines the goodness of potatoes and green peas in a mixture of different spices, toppings, and lip-smacking chutneys.

The perfect Aloo Matar mixture is usually garnished with different toppings to enhance the overall flavors. Some of the common toppings are onions, coriander leaves, green chillies, tomatoes, and other spices. Some vendors also go creative by garnishing the dish with spicy mint chutney, tangy tamarind chuntey, and a dash of lemon to elevate the taste. 

3. Bara Ghuguni

Bara Ghuguni

It is yet another highly sought-after local dish in Bhubaneswar. The dish primarily contains two main ingredients, Bara and Ghuguni. To serve the famous dish, the plate is filled with scrumptious Ghuguni and topped with crispy baras. 

The dish is often garnished with green chillies, onions, coriander leaves, and also a squeeze of lemon. The combination of crispy baras and flavourful ghuguni makes up for a delicious, satisfying evening-time snack.

4. Gupchup

Paani Puri

Also referred to as Golgapps or Pani Puri, Gupchup is a beloved street food delicacy in Bhubaneswar. As a matter of fact, this street-side snack is highly sought-after across different parts of the nation.

Gupchup primarily features small-sized, hollow, crispy dough balls or puris. The crispy dough balls are prepared with a mixture of all-purpose flour or semolina and a pinch of salt. The puris are eventually deep-fried until they become golden and crisp. Once ready, the puris are filled with flavourful waters of different types and topped with delicious ingredients to enhance the overall taste. Some of the common fillings of gupchup are mashed potatoes, finely chopped onions, boiled chickpeas, and a sprinkle of chaat masala.

5. Puri Alukasa

Aloo Puri

The dish also goes by the name of Puri Bhaji in Bhubaneswar. It is a popular street food delicacy in the city and in other parts of the nation. When the flavors of its ingredients are combined, Puri Alukasa offers a divine and satisfying meal altogether. 

Hot, crispy puris are served with aromatic, flavourful aloo or potato curry to create the perfect balance of the overall taste and rich textures. The famous local dish is readily available across a myriad of street food vendors and popular eateries of the city at highly affordable rates. It is a highly sought-after breakfast option and one of the best vegetarian food options that is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

6. Jhal Mudhi

Jal Mudhi

Also known as Jhal Muri, it is a leading street-side snack item that is savored by locals as well as tourists. The snack item is popular across Odisha and West Bengal. It depicts a flavourful combination of mudhi or puffed rice and various other ingredients and spices.

Typically, a plate of jhal mudhi will feature staple ingredients like puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, green chillies, sev, peanuts, coriander leaves, and different seasonings. To prepare the dish, all the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl and served on paper plates or cones by street-side vendors in Bhubaneswar. 


Bhubaneswar features a series of famous streets and eateries that enhance your overall experience by allowing you to indulge in a true gastronomic adventure. If you are a foodie, you will love exploring the rich tastes and textures of the famous street foods in Bhubaneswar. To take your overall experience to the next level, you can also order food online in Bhubaneswar from Swiggy.


1. What is Bhubaneswar famous for in terms of street food?

Bhubaneswar has a lot to offer when it comes to delighting your senses with the flavours of local street food in the city. Some of the must-have options for famous street foods in Bhubaneswar are bara, dahibara aloodum, dalma, jhal muri, and so more. 

2. What is the best time to explore the street food scene in Bhubaneswar?

Street food in Bhubaneswar can be enjoyed at any time or season. However, if you truly wish to relish its divine flavors, you can head out to the streets of the city during the evening time. The lanes here are dotted with multiple street food vendors offering delicacies of all sorts.

In addition to savory delights, the city of Bhubaneswar is also famous for its mouth-watering sweet dishes. Some of the must-have sweets or desserts in Bhubaneswar are Chenna Poda, Odia Khaja, Malpua, and Arisa Pitha.

4. Can I find regional specialties such as street food in Bhubaneswar?

Bhubaneswar has a lot to offer when it comes to trying out regional or local delicacies. For instance, it is common to find several street food vendors and eateries selling Odia cuisine and dishes that personify the true Odia flavors. 

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