A Guide to the Must-have Street Food in Goa

March 10, 2024

Situated off the famous Konkan Coast, Goa is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. You will be mesmerized by its overall natural beauty, scenic landmarks, and wide range of luxury resorts and world-class hotels. You would still not hear many people boast about the local street food scene of Goa. Trust us, it is as interesting as the traditional delicacies of Goa. Let us find out!

Since Goa has been under the influence of the Portuguese for a longer period, the overall influence of Portuguese culture can be easily reflected in the local food culture of Goa. Cultural groups like Goan Catholics and Konkan Hindus have brought forth scrumptious Goan dishes that you must try out on your next trip to the beautiful place.

What are the Best Street Food Items of Goa?

In the state of Goa, cities like Panjim, Margao, and Miramar boast a number of local street food carts offering some of the most delicious snacks and fulfilling meals from early morning to late hours of the night. 

From traditional Goan dishes to local delights and even multi-cuisine food, you can come across immense variety across small eateries and food carts in Goa. On your next Goan adventure, some of the must-have street food items of Goa are:

1. Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo

It is a spicy favorite street food in Goa. The famous dish Pork Vindaloo is a product of the rich mix of flavourful spices cooked in a traditional Christian recipe. The dish is prepared out of boneless pork along with potatoes. In the preparation, some rich spices and ingredients are used, including cumin, cloves, Kashmiri pepper, and so more. 

To enhance the overall flavor of the non-veg dish, it is tossed with a generous amount of vinegar. You can easily come across a lot of local food stalls serving this delicious recipe with add-on ingredients or toppings.

2. Ros Omelette

Ros Omelette

When you are discussing some of the best street food of Goa, it is never complete without mentioning the famous and highly sought-after Ros Omelette. The dish features regular eggs dipped in a rich chicken gravy to bring about a burst of flavour in your mouth. It is common to come across a lot of food carts and eateries offering this delicacy at highly affordable rates. 

3. Chorizo or Goan Sausages

Chorizo or Goan Sausages

It is a famous breakfast item amongst the locals in Goa. Some people also love having it in the form of an evening snack. There are multiple vendors on the streets of Goa selling this delicacy quite early in the morning.

You will easily spot local food vendors carrying baskets of spicy, meaty pork sausages garnished and flavoured with onions, other veggies, and spices. Mostly, Chorizo is consumed with bread to serve as a fulfilling meal.

4. Gadbad Ice Cream

Gadbad Ice Cream

It is a famous sweet dish of Goa. You can have it either in a bowl or a tall glass. The famous Gadbad Ice Cream features a divine combination of different flavours of ice creams served in a single serving. The best part is that to enhance the overall taste, the heavenly ice cream serving is topped with the goodness of delicious jellies and noodles.

It is a popular summertime favourite sweet dish in Goa. You can enjoy your serving of this ice cream on a hot, humid summer day. A number of street food stalls and eateries sell this variant of ice cream to quench your craving for something sweet yet refreshing.

5. Poi


During early mornings and late evenings, you will often spot bread sellers and local food vendors on bicycles selling this local delicacy. They usually carry the popular snack items in big baskets. Poi is a type of local bread prepared out of rice husk. 

This variant of the local bread is fluffy and sweet. It is usually consumed with rich, spicy curries during meals. You can also have it with butter to serve as the perfect evening snack item. You can easily recognise a local breadman in Goa playing the horn of the cycle and selling this must-try delicacy.

6. Bondas


A worth-noticing trait of Bondas is that this delicacy can be prepared in a number of ways. In Goa, you can have multiple variations of this highly sought-after dish, sweet, bland, or savoury. Traditionally, bondas have been derived from a typical Mysore platter.

However, these delicious delicacies have made their way into the local street food scene of Goa as well. Best consumed with a myriad of flavourful chutneys, bondas are locally enjoyed in the form of a snack or a breakfast option.

7. Fish Thali

Fish Thali

Whether you are visiting a local eatery or a bar, or eating out at a street food cart, fish thali is one such meal you need to have as a tourist. It is a traditional Goan dish. A typical thali usually features a healthy portion of rice in combination with a delicious, spicy fish curry, rotis, fried fish, pickles, and a vegetable dish. 

In some places, you will also be served sol curry along with the wholesome meal. It is a complete meal in itself. A fish thali is a satisfying and delicious recipe you need to try if you adore seafood.


As vibrant as its cities, the local street food scene in Goa is highly sought-after as well. Tourists from India and abroad visit the state to try out its traditional dishes that are scrumptious and wholesome at the same time. If you love seafood, the street food culture of Goa has so much to offer on its platter. 

With Swiggy, you can now order food online in Goa and have most of the best local delights the state has to offer. Make the most of your trip to Goa by trying out its local street food items.


1. What street foods are Goa famous for?

Goa has a long list of must-have street food items when you are exploring the beautiful coastal state. Some of the must-try street food items in the cities of Goa are bondas, fish thali, shawarma, pork chops, and so more. 

2. What is a unique street food to try in Goa?

If you love seafood, you will come across a number of local delights that are unique and delicious at the same time. For instance, Pork Chops are a must-have in Goa. It is a delicious combination of lamb, pork, and potatoes that are deep-fried to enhance the overall taste.

3. Where can I find the best street food in Goa?

Goan street food is widespread across its famous cities, including Panjim, Margao, Mapusa, and Miramar. As you visit these famous cities, you will be treated to some of the most heavenly and delicious street food items you will ever have.

4. What street foods should seafood lovers try in Goa?

Goa is the ultimate street food heaven for all seafood lovers out there. If you love seafood and non-veg items, you can try out the extensive collection of delectable street food items, including Fish Thali, Pork Chops, Prawn Curry, and so more. 

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