From engineering to sales: A Senior Manager’s ‘Joy’ful growth story at Swiggy

March 14, 2024

Swiggy’s senior area sales manager, Joy Jha shares his transformational journey at Swiggy as he completes five years with the company

Driven by hard work, guided by intuition, and powered by passion, Joy Jha has carved a journey of his own at Swiggy. Scaling higher altitudes with time from a Sales Manager to a Senior Area Sales Manager, Joy’s journey has been, in his words, a flavourful one. Here’s his success story.

Joy Kumar Jha

1) Tell us about the beginning of your Swiggy ride. What was your role when you joined the company and has that changed over the years?

It was six years ago when I made a daring pivot from Engineering to Sales. I joined Swiggy as a Sales Manager with an interest in strategising and building fruitful partnerships in the competitive arena of food tech. Entering the Swiggy world was like stepping into a hub of endless possibilities. Cut to today as a Senior Area Sales Manager, I am glad that I followed my heart’s true calling. More than a ride of steady career progression, it’s been a flavourful journey of transformation that has taught me the true value of following one’s intuition and passion, which I believe has brought me where I am today.

2) How would you best describe your Swiggy journey?

My journey at Swiggy has been a thrilling adventure filled with twists, turns, and soaring heights. Moving up the ladder and becoming a Senior Area Sales Manager has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  

3) What led you to join Swiggy?

I remember it was a rainy night. I was hungry and wanted to order something to eat. Scrolling through my phone while searching for food-delivery apps, I came across Swiggy. The promise and commitment to deliver mouth-watering delights straight to my doorstep fascinated me. I wanted to be a part of the revolution that Swiggy was bringing to the food tech industry. Interestingly enough, my hunger for food that night also instilled in me a hunger for innovation. And that’s how my taste for adventure led me to start my journey with Swiggy.

4) Reflecting on the moment that marked this journey’s beginning, what was your first day at Swiggy like?

It was no less than entering a hub of unique ideas, where every corner gave me a glimpse of the thrilling adventures that lay ahead. It was much more than a typical onboarding experience, where every colleague I met introduced me to Swiggy’s culture. My first day wasn’t just about settling in. It was about feeling the pulse of the many possibilities that awaited me. 

5) Looking back at all those adventures, what would you say has been the best moment of your time at Swiggy?

Picking one such moment isn’t easy! However, if I were to choose one, I’d pick the day I secured a game-changing partnership that not only benefited our team but also reshaped the trajectory of our growth as an organisation. It was a defining moment of validation for all the hard work, dedication, and passion that me and my team had poured into making it happen. 

6) Are there any lessons you’ve learned in your time here that can be carried forward in life ahead?

Absolutely! Through my time here, I’ve learned that life is about finding the right balance of passion, perseverance, and a bit of adventure. It’s about embracing change as an opportunity to innovate, relishing challenges as stepping stones to growth, and always keeping the hunger to succeed alive. 

7) What would you say played an important role in your decision to stay with Swiggy?

It’s the perfect blend of innovation, camaraderie, and a pinch of our uniqueness! Every day has something new to offer, where I get to experience excitement and innovation along with nurturing meaningful connections. I look at my role not merely as a job, but as an adventure worth cherishing!

8) If you could, what would you say to the Day 1 version of yourself?  

I would motivate him to buckle up and get ready for an amazing ride. I’d encourage him to embrace every challenge as a chance to grow, savour every success as a triumph, and have fun all along.

9) What’s one Swiggy value you resonate the most with and why?

One Swiggy value that deeply resonates with me is ‘Stand-up & Disagree but Commit Fully’, as it fosters collaborative innovation. I believe it’s essential to balance diverse opinions with focused and unified efforts to stay distraction-free in Swiggy’s fast-paced environment.

10) How has your experience been with the Blended Ways of Working policy?

For me, the Blended Ways of Working policy has been a delightful blend of flexibility, autonomy, and innovation. It has enabled me to maximise my productivity and balance work and life in a more fulfilling way.

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