Indore’s Sweet Spot: Unravelling the City’s Most Famous Sweets

March 17, 2024

In addition to an interesting display of ancient Hindu temples, art, culture, and natural landscape, Madhya Pradesh is also home to an extensive range of mouth-watering savory as well as sweet delights that are a must-try. If you are visiting Indore, you will come across a wide spectrum of the best sweets that are assured to tantalize your taste buds.

Often regarded as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is an ultimate haven for those who wish to try out the best of both worlds, including savory and sweet. While you might be impressed with the sweet and hospitable nature of the locals, you will also relish the wide range of sweet delicacies that the beautiful city has to offer.

What are the Most Famous Sweets in Indore?

Like most other Indian cities, Indore also serves as the divine confluence of tradition and modernity. The city is rapidly developing to become a major metropolis. While it is claimed as the Cleanest City in India, Indore offers its tourists ample reasons to enjoy and have a great time. You will be mesmerised by the wide assortment of sweet dishes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you are a sweet-lover, Indore is the ultimate city for you. Here are some of the must-have sweet delights of Indore you should not miss out on while visiting Indore:

1. Jaleba


As the name of this sweet item suggests, it is an upscale version of the traditional jalebi. There is no denying the overall popularity of jalebis across different parts of the nation. In Indore, most eateries and sweet shops love standing out and making an impression with the high-end version of jalebi, the Jaleba.

Jaleba is quite a famous dessert in Indore. The mega-sized version of the delicacy weighs around 700 grams in total. The extra-large version of the standard jalebi is flavored with saffron to enhance the overall flavors. In Indore, you can also come across various sweet shops and eateries serving a dollop of rabri on top of the sweet dish. The divine combination of hot, sweet jaleba with chilled rabri makes it one of the most sought-after sweet dishes in Indore. 

2. Khoye ki Jalebi

Khoye ki Jalebi

Indore and its love for different versions of jalebis is quite widespread. The city has found a new form of love with different forms of jalebis to enhance the taste buds of one & all. This iconic jalebi-inspired dish is another specialty found on the menu of the famous sweets of Indore.

The dish is prepared out of khoya or khova. Khoya is typically prepared out of milk that is thickened and reduced in a large pot by slow cooking. In comparison to traditional orange jalebis, khoya jalebi is slightly brown in colour. In some cases, khoya jalebi is also served with rabdi. 

3. Shrikhand


 When you are in Indore, you must try this famous sweet dish. It is a mouth-watering yogurt-based dessert that is loved by locals and tourists alike. With its origin almost 2400 years back, it is a rich, thick, yogurt-based delicacy that is widespread across different parts of the nation.

In Indore, you will also come across the saffron-flavoured shrikhand featuring cashews and pistachios as the garnishing. There are multiple sweet shops and eateries across the city offering this delicacy in modified forms and flavours.

4. Petha Paan

Paan Petha

Are you fond of paans? If you relish a bite of mouth-colouring and enhancing paan after your meals, Indore is the place to go! Here, you will come across a number of local sweet shops and even dedicated paan stalls offering this delicacy in a myriad of tastes and types.

Out of all the variants, petha paan is a highly sought-after form that is loved by the locals. It is a unique type of paan featuring the goodness and richness of almonds, cashews, and gulkand or rose jam. These rich and flavourful ingredients are encased in a thin layer of green petha. The petha is held together with the help of cloves to bring about the perfect ending. 

5. Malpua


If you are a sweet-lover, you would be surprised to try out the divine, rich flavours of malpua, especially if you are trying it out for the first time. Malpua is a famous Indian dessert that is highly sought-after across different parts of the nation.

It can be regarded as the delicious Indian version of pancakes enriched with the goodness of saffron and other high-end ingredients. It is a chewy dessert famous across several regions of Central India, including Indore, due to its crispy edges and soft, mushy insides. The famous sweet dish partners effectively with a dollop of cream, rabri, and fresh fruits. It is made out of mixing a batter of khoya, flour, semolina, and so more. The batter is eventually deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup.


 With immense fame for its savoury delicacies, Indore has a special corner for sweet lovers as well. Therefore, if you have a sweet tooth, you can relish the divine and famous sweets of Indore across its lanes and popular eateries. To enhance your overall experience, you can now also order online in Indore from Swiggy. You will get doorstep delivery of your favourite sweets in no time.


1. What are the most famous sweets in Indore?

There is no dearth of options when it comes to trying out the most famous sweets in Indore. For all the sweet enthusiasts, the lovely city offers access to a myriad of sweet options, including khoya jalebi, jaleba, malpua, and so more. 

2. Are there any sweets unique to Indore?

While Indore is typically famous for its poha, some of the sweet delicacies that are highly sought-after in the city are jaleba, khoya jalebi, imarti, malpua, and so more. 

3. What is the history of sweets in Indore?

The history of delectable sweets in Indore dates back to the era of kings and queens. Due to its centralised location, Madhya Pradesh experienced a confluence of culinary delights from all around. Therefore, the sweet dishes of Indore feature ample influence from the culinary specialities of neighbouring states and cities.

4. Where can I buy traditional sweets in Indore?

The city is dotted with multiple famous sweet shops and stalls offering some of the most scrumptious delicacies you will ever taste. Some of the renowned options are Uttam Bhog, Jain Mithai Bhandar, and Laxminarayan Doodhwala. 

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