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March 17, 2024

Cuisine’s in Bhubaneswar is famed for its rich and diverse tastes, including both savoury and sweet. The famous desserts and sweets of Bhubaneswar are an integral part of the culinary heritage of the entire state. The city is situated on the coastal end of the state of Odisha. The city is renowned for its rich history of culinary and cultural traditions that have significantly influenced the dessert culture here. 

The famous sweets of Bhubaneswar are influenced by the history, culture, and geography while featuring a unique blend of flavours and rich ingredients. Any meal in the city is incomplete without dessert. People here have always proved it right with some of the most delicious sweets that are hard to find anywhere else. 

What are the Best Sweets of Bhubaneswar?

It has become quite prevalent to observe the long-run battle over Rosogolla between Odisha and West Bengal. The overall controversy of scrumptious dessert items has led to a sweet ending for Odisha when it received fame for its wide range of famous eastern sweets. In addition to Rosogolla, there are several other sweet items that are widespread across the region and famed for their rich taste and divine aroma.

As you visit Bhubaneswar, some of the most famous sweets you must try here are:

1. Chenna Poda

Chenna Poda

 It is a mouth-watering dessert that has its origins in the eastern state of Odisha. The term “Chenna Poda” typically translates to “Burnt Cheese.” However, the meaning should not let you down as it serves to be quite a delectable sweet treat featuring a unique texture and flavour. 

The dessert is made out of chenna, a type of Indian cheese prepared out of curdled milk. The Chenna is eventually mixed with ghee, sugar, and cardamom powder to reveal an aromatic, sweet mixture. The mixture is later on poured into a baking dish to be baked until the texture becomes golden-brown. The fact that sets Chenna Poda apart from other desserts in the country is the rich texture, featuring a slightly crunchy exterior and spongy, delicious interior.

2. Odia Khaja

Odia Khaja

It is yet another popular sweet that hails from the state of Odisha. There is a slight variation to Odia Khaja from a standard version of Khaja. Odia Khaja is prepared out of a rich dough, quite similar to the regular Khaja. The dough is usually a mixture of ghee, flour, and water. 

The dough is then rolled out into thin sheets while being layered deliciously with ghee. This helps in creating the flaky texture of the sweet dish. The layered dough is then cut into small squares. These squares are deep-fried until they become golden and crisp. Then, these crispy delights are dipped into a sugar syrup flavoured with saffron and cardamom powder. The fact that sets Odia Khaja distinct from other forms of Khaja is its unique size and shape. To enhance the overall flavours, some of the leading sweet shops in Bhubaneswar dip the square patties into rose syrup as well.

3. Rosogolla


Rosogolla or Rasgulla is another signature sweet dish of Bhubaneswar that is widespread across the states of West Bengal and Odisha. Odia Rasgulla is highly sought-after in Bhubaneswar. It is prepared out of chenna, a type of Indian Cheese. To prepare the rasgulla balls, chenna is kneaded in the respective shape and cooked for several hours in rich sugar syrup.

Eventually, the spongy balls absorb the goodness and richness of the sugar syrup to impart a great taste throughout. Odia Rasgulla is distinct from a typical rosogolla with respect to its texture and flavour. The balls are also slightly softer and smaller than the Bengali variant. To make the sweet dish more flavourful, the sugar syrup is enhanced with the essence of rose water as well. 

4. Pitha


Pitha in Odisha refers to a wide range of delightful sweets and savoury items or even cakes that are quite popular across the state. Pitha is a type of sweet dumpling or pancake prepared out of wheat flour or rice flour. In some cases, these dumplings are filled with either savoury or sweet fillings. There are several variations of Odia Pitha, each featuring a unique flavour profile and a cooking method.

Some of the most popular variants of Pitha that you can come across in Bhubaneswar are Chenna Pitha, Enduri Pitha, Poda Pitha, and so more. Odia Pitha serves to be an integral aspect of the rich culinary culture of the state. It is, therefore, prepared for special occasions and festivals.

5. Chenna Gaja

Chenna Gaja

It is yet another popular sweet item in Bhubaneswar. The dish is prepared by mixing chenna (Indian cheese) and sugar syrup. Chenna is deliciously kneaded until the overall texture becomes smooth. Later on, kneaded chenna is given the shape of small rectangles. These rectangles are eventually deep-fried until they become golden and crispy. 

Once these pieces are fried, they are soaked in a rich sugar syrup. This process makes the sweet dish soft and juicy. Chenna Gaja is a highly sought-after dessert item that is usually prepared and served during special occasions and festivals. 

6. Odia Kheeri

Odia Kheeri

It is also known as Chaula Kheeri. It is a type of traditional rice pudding that is quite prevalent across the state of Odisha. The sweet delight is prepared by cooking rice in milk and adding cardamom, sugar, and additional flavourings like rose water and saffron. The mixture is simmered until the rice becomes soft and the pudding has thickened to develop a creamy consistency.

Odia Kheeri is typically served as a popular dessert during special occasions and festivals in the state. In some cases, some of the leading sweet shops of Bhubaneswar also garnish the sweet dish with chopped nuts, dry fruits, and shredded coconut to enhance the overall flavours. 


With a myriad of sweet dishes to try out in Bhubaneswar, you will be spoilt for choices. To enjoy these delights in the comfort of your home, you can now order online in Bhubaneswar from Swiggy. 

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