Exploring 10 Famous Sweets in Bhopal

March 19, 2024

The capital of Madhya Pradesh is known for its green landscapes, pleasant atmosphere, and some delicious Bhopali cuisines that people are absolutely crazy about. From mutton Biryani to Masala Paan, Bhopal is a foodies’ heaven. And it isn’t just the snacks and the street foods that capture our attention. But the City of Lakes is equally famous for its desserts. The ultimate Falooda, Mawa Baati, and Shahi Tukda are a few Bhopal sweets that are loved by locals and tourists. Below we have researched 10 wonderful and scrumptious Bhopal sweets that will give you the taste you might have never had before. Let’s begin.

1. Bhopali Paan

Bhopali Paan

Though it’s eaten after a meal, Bhopali Paan counts in the famous desserts of Bhopal because of the sweetness and just the right Masalas. Paan has a soft texture with fillings of Supari, Katha, and Chuna. There are different variations of this sweet dish in India, but Bhopali Paan has a special place in every local’s heart. Thanks to the considerable amount of Gulkand and other sweet foods that add crunch, softness, and sweetness to this delicacy. When in Bhopal, don’t miss out on the Paan

2. Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda

Just like the name, Shahi Tukda is a Mughal recipe that melts as soon as you take the first bite. If you have had too much spicy food, end your meal with a plate of Shahi Tukda in the Kohe-Fiza region, and you’ll know why it’s considered a Shahi recipe. Shahi Tukda is bread soaked in delicious and creamy custard and garnished with lots of nuts. It’s locals’ favourite during Iftar. The yellow colour gives it a Shahi look, and the softness of the bread dipped in the custard will help you feel refreshed. It’s delicious.

3. Mawa Baati 

Mawa Baati 

The sibling of the Indian’s favourite Gulaab Jamun, Mawa Baati, is made of Mawa. It’s filled with nutritious nuts and is then shaped into small balls. These are then deep-fried until they turn brown. The balls are dipped and soaked into the sugar syrup to add some extra sweetness and flavour to the dish. And the Mawa Baati is ready to be served. The dish looks exactly like Gulaab Jamun but is crunchier than that.

4. Shahi Shikanji

Shahi Shikanji

The most refreshing drink of Bhopal, Shahi Shikanji, is a simple yet delicious Bhopali dessert that’s made of milk and yoghurt. The drink is garnished with nuts and rose petals. If you are tired of exploring the city, have a cup of Shikanji to refresh yourself. You can find different flavours of Shikanji, including mango and rose. Note that it’s different from the Nimbu Shikanji of Delhi. 

5. Malpua


India has found its own version of Pancakes, and they have grown in popularity in nearly all states of the country. Bhopal is not an exception. For breakfast or snack time, you can have the sweet Malpua made of wheat flour, sugar, jaggery, and cardamom powder. These pancakes are fried until they turn golden brown and are served with Bhopal-special Rabdi. If you are craving something sweet for breakfast, order Malpua.  

6. Imarti


The sibling of Jalebi, Imarti is an orange-red Jalebi-like dish but is considerably sweeter than Jalebi and has many flavours. The outer layer of the Imarti is crispy, but the moment you bite it, the sugar syrup fills your mouth and satisfies your taste buds. For those who have a sweet tooth, Imarti is a must-try Bhopali dessert that you can have before and after your meal. There are many restaurants, eateries, and street stalls serving fresh Imarti. Imarti is slightly different in shape than Jalebi but has the same colour. It’s also very juicy on the inside and will definitely leave you craving more.

7. Falooda


A milkshake like Falooda, with a thick consistency, a lot of nuts, and different ingredients (based on the flavour you choose), is another delicious sweet drink in Bhopal that locals love. It’s found at many street stalls at Itwara and TT Nagar. You must taste Rose Falooda. It is irresistible. Bhopalis say the Faloodas are the best, no matter which flavour you order. The moment you take a first sip, it just melts in your mouth. One large glass of this flavourful drink is enough to satisfy your sweet cravings. So, the next time you are in Bhopal, head to TT Nagar and order a Falooda.

8. Poha Jalebi

Poha Jalebi

The sweet and salty combo of Poha Jalebi is another sweet dish of Bhopal that people can’t resist. Locals have it nearly every day. Poha is a salty snack that is often served for breakfast. It is garnished with onions, coriander, pomegranate, and other spices, while Jalebi is the sweet deep-fried, and soaked-in syrup dessert that tastes delicious with Poha. Have Poha Jalebi in Bhopal for breakfast once, and you will want to have it every day.

9. Khopra Pak

Khopra Pak

Coconut Barfi or Khopra Pak is another Bhopali delicacy that helps you blend in the Bhopali culture and taste its sweetness. It’s cooked with grated coconut, milk, and sugar. The ingredients are cooked on low flame until there’s no liquid left. Then, you can add Kesar-Doodh, Khoya, and cardamom powder to the mixture. Cook it for some time, and then transfer the mixture to the greased pan. Let it cool down. Then, you can cut the small pieces of Khopra Pak and serve it fresh. Khopra Pak can also be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

10. Til Gajak

Til Gajak

Lastly, we have Til Gajak, the winter favourite of Bhopalis. You can make it in large amounts and keep it in the refrigerator. The combination of jaggery, sesame seeds, and cardamom powder gives it just the right flavour. Til Gajak helps keep you warm in winter. And considering Bhopal’s weather around December, it’s worth adding it to your diet.

Bottom Line

These are some of the famous sweets in Bhopal that you must try right away. Falooda and Bhopali Paan are Bhopal’s specialities, and you can’t find the deliciousness of these foods anywhere else.

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