A Guide to the Famous Sweets of Ujjain You Must Try

March 29, 2024

Ujjain, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is a city of special significance due to its geographic location. The city also boasts a rich historical background and ample cultural influences from all around. The local cuisine of Ujjain has been derived from all parts of the nation. Therefore, you would spot ample similarities yet uniqueness in the local cuisine of Ujjain, a city of spiritual importance. 

In addition to the scrumptious range of savoury delicacies, the city abounds in offering a mouth-watering assortment of delicious sweets that are a must-have. Whether you are in the city to explore the world-famous Mahakal Temple (one of the Jyotirlingas) or simply traversing through its lanes, you will spot a number of age-old sweet shops and eateries offering some of the most famous sweets of Ujjain.

What are the Most Famous Sweets of Ujjain?

Once you taste traditional dishes in this holy city, you will be spellbound by the specialities of Ujjain’s cuisine. To top it all off, as you end your gastronomic journey with a generous offering of local sweets, you are all set to enter a food coma.

In addition to an exotic range of famous Hindu temples, art, palaces, Jain temples, and so more, Ujjain is home to some of the most lip-smacking desserts you can imagine trying out. Here, we bring you the most famous sweets in Ujjain you would love to try out, including:

1. Khoya ki Jalebi

Khoya ki Jalebi

Khoya Jalebi is the most unique variants of sweet dishes prevalent across Madhya Pradesh, including Ujjain. This sweet dish in Ujjain is highly sought-after by the locals, especially on special occasions or festivals. 

The sweet treat is prepared out of Khoya or Khova. It is usually prepared from milk that has been thickened in an open pan by slow-cooking for several hours. The thick, milk-based Khoya is then deep-fried in the shape of Jalebis to enhance the authenticity of the dish. Khoya Jalebi is deep-fried until deep-brown and crispy in texture. Then, these crispy delights are dipped in a sugar syrup for the final touch. In addition to normal Khoya Jalebi, Rabdi Jalebi is also quite famous across the streets of Ujjain.

2. Shrikhand


As you wish to try out the “Ujjain ki famous mithai,” there is no missing out on the divine flavours of this creamy, rich dessert. Shrikhand is highly sought-after by both locals and tourists alike. This mouth-watering yogurt-based sweet dish has its origins several centuries ago. The sweet dish has been garnering ample popularity amongst the locals of Ujjain due to its rich, distinctive taste.

One of the best forms of this dessert is the saffron-flavoured Shrikhand. The dessert is enriched by adding cashews and pistachios to enhance the overall taste. There are several sweet shops and eateries across Ujjain selling this delicacy fresh. 

3. Mawa Bati

Mawa Bati

Mawa Bati or Meva Bati is a rich North Indian dessert that is prepared by filling the Mawa-based dough with a delicious mixture of Mava and nuts. The delicate dough is then shaped into round balls and deep-fried until dark brown in colour.

The mouth-watering Mawa Batis are then dipped in a divine sugar syrup. The dish is best served warm on a chilly evening. You will enjoy the balanced sweetness, crunchiness, and rich texture of this famous sweet dish in Ujjain. The dish is quite popular on special occasions and festivals as well. 

4. Petha Paan

Petha Paan

Are you a Paan-lover? You will love this unique twist to the standard flavours of Paan as local Paan-makers of Ujjain bring about a unique concept to your favourite after-meal dessert. Petha Paan is a unique variation of conventional Paan as it features the goodness of rich ingredients like cashews, almonds, rose jam (gulkand), and so more.

All the divine and aromatic ingredients are eventually encased in a thin layer of Green Petha. The Petha (made out of ash gourd) is ultimately held together with a clove to add an appealing and tasteful factor. The Paan recipe makes a perfect end to your heavenly gastronomical journey in Ujjain. There are several local Paan stores and even small sweet shops that offer this variant of the all-time favourite Paan.

5. Makhan Vada

Makhan Vada

Crispy from the outside and soft and spongy from the inside, Makhan Vada is yet another addition to the list of the most famous sweets of Ujjain. The sweet dish features a flaky texture throughout. It is a traditional sweet recipe laced with the goodness of pure desi ghee and dipped in some of the sweetest syrups.

Makhan Vada is rich brown in colour to make it highly appealing to those having a sweet tooth. A single bite of this divine dessert is enough to give you the feeling of sweet heaven.

6. Til Gajak

Til Gajak

Also known as Til Papdi or Til Patti, it is a scrumptious sweet item in Ujjain. It is a dry sweet prepared out of til or sesame seeds, jaggery, and peanuts. To prepare the delicacy, til is cooked slowly in raw sugar syrup until the same is eventually set in thin layers. 

The best part of this winter-time delicacy is that you can store it for several months in a row and have it as per your preference. Til Gajak is a famous form of the winter-time favourite sweet Gajak. In addition to being tasty, Til Gajak is nutritious as well.


Ujjain is a must-visit pilgrimage destination for Hindus. In addition to offering divine spiritual peace and contentment, the city also boasts a rich culinary culture to satiate your cravings. If you are a sweet-lover, the city will not disappoint you as it offers an extensive range of the most famous sweets in North India. The best part is that you can now order online in Ujjain from Swiggy to make the most of your sweet cravings. 

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