Passion matched with purpose: A Senior Manager’s Fulfilling Joyride at Swiggy

April 15, 2024

As Sushmita Sambhi, Swiggy’s Senior Area Sales Manager, celebrates her five-year anniversary with the company, she reflects on her memorable journey from being a fresher to taking up the role of a team leader. 

Sensing a golden opportunity to blend her passion for food and tech, Sushmita Sambhi entered the world of Swiggy as a Sales Manager. Five years later, she now proudly wears the hat of a Senior Area Sales Manager with an openness to challenges and a feeling of deep gratitude. Here’s her story of facing and acing it all.

1. Tell us about the beginning of your Swiggy ride. What was your role when you joined the company and how has that changed over the years?

My Swiggy journey began in January 2019 as a Sales Manager in Mumbai. Reflecting on my five years here, it feels incredible to now lead the same team as a Senior Area Sales Manager. Transitioning through four different roles has been a fantastic learning curve for me. Looking back, I am thankful for all the growth opportunities that have shaped my path. It’s been an amazing ride and I am excited to keep pushing myself in Swiggy’s dynamic atmosphere.

2. How would you best describe your Swiggy journey?

My journey at Swiggy has been incredibly fulfilling, and I am forever grateful for everything that has come my way. I have had the opportunity to work with talented individuals and the best mentors. Today, when I look at myself, I feel a lot more confident in dealing with any situation, whether it’s tackling tough deadlines or adopting new processes. I love how every day brings a new challenge to conquer, and at the end of the day, there’s always something fresh to experience and cherish.

3. What led you to join Swiggy?

Swiggy’s innovative food delivery approach resonated deeply with me, making it the perfect match for my passions and ambitions. It was an exciting experience to cross paths with Swiggy during my B-school placements. Aligned perfectly with my career goals, the organisation’s campus presence gave me the rare chance to join a fast-growing startup. Being selected as the only candidate from a competitive applicant pool filled me with immense gratitude. It felt like a dream come true to have the opportunity to pursue my passion for food and technology in a place like Swiggy.

4. Reflecting on the beginning of your dream career, what was your first day at Swiggy like?

On January 24th, 2019, I started my journey with Swiggy, filled with purpose, ambition, and passion. As a fresher, I was all set to enter the business world. My first day involved meeting peers and exploring the startup culture. I could sense a unique energy all around, and by the end of the day, I had gained a lot of valuable insights.

5. What would you say has been the best moment of your time with Swiggy?

One moment that stands out is my first promotion to Key Account Manager in 2021 amidst the challenging times of the pandemic. The joyous news from my manager was followed by a heartfelt surprise package and a touching letter extending warm wishes to my family. This experience not only celebrated my professional growth but also highlighted Swiggy’s commitment to the well-being of Swiggsters.

6. Are there any lessons you’ve learned in your time here that you will be carrying forward in life?

Swiggy taught me the importance of perseverance and dedication. Be it scaling operations or facing personal challenges, relentlessness is key. This empowers me to strive for success in all aspects of life. Also, witnessing shifts in technology and market dynamics taught me the value of flexibility and adaptability. These lessons inspire me to embrace life’s unpredictability with confidence.

7. What would you say played an important role in your decision to stay with Swiggy?

In the past five years, Swiggy has come a long way in terms of scale, size, and impact. Yet, the most impressive part is how our leaders continue to push the possibilities and create a path for us. This has been an important factor for me in choosing to stay and grow with Swiggy.

8. If you could, what would you say to the Day 1 version of yourself?

I’d encourage my Day 1 self to view challenges as growth opportunities and to embrace everything that comes my way. Adapting continuously and enjoying the journey is what matters the most in an evolving industry like food delivery. I would also advise my Day 1 self to approach challenges with positivity and hard work, as this would lead to both my personal growth and the company’s success.

9. What’s one Swiggy value you resonate the most with and why?

The Swiggy value I resonate the most with is – ‘Never Settle.’ It motivates me to keep exploring and improving every day. It also guides me to focus on growth in multiple ways.

10. How has your experience been with the Blended Ways of Working Policy?

Being in a sales role, my team needs to prioritise meetings with partners along with our internal catchups. The presence of rosters and fixed office days helps us strike the right balance and meet our targets timely. This is how Swiggy brings in a great culture and a wonderful work environment.

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