Smart Links: Turning Social Media Likes into Sales for Restaurants

April 16, 2024

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and stumbled upon a mouth-watering photo of a dish from a restaurant you’ve never heard of? 

Watched videos of favourite food influencers branding something as the “best burger in town”?

The power of social media in discovering eateries whether new or old is undeniable. However, for many restaurants, the challenge lies in turning that discovery into actual sales. This is where Swiggy’s Smart Links come in.

Bridging the Gap Between Discovery and Sales

A restaurant typically spends anywhere between 3% to 6% of its revenue on advertising, including online platforms like Meta (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp), Google, and traditional media such as TV, print, and radio. While advertising on online platforms is a great channel to reach consumers, it is not always easy to track its impact on their business. Despite having a social media presence across various platforms, many restaurants struggle to translate engagement into actual business. 

Smart Links solve this problem. They are custom links that restaurants can share on their social media profiles, directing customers straight to their menu page on Swiggy. This means that when you see that tempting video on Instagram, you can easily order from that restaurant without searching for them on your food delivery app.

Real Results for Real Restaurants

The power of Smart Links extends beyond mere convenience; it offers invaluable insights into customer behavior. A key challenge for restaurants is assessing a customer’s actions after clicking on an ad, such as whether they have placed an order, what they have ordered, and when. Smart Links gives an insight on this, including whether the customer is a new user.

By enabling this tracking, Smart Links help restaurant partners assess the performance of their social media campaigns more effectively. This data allows them to optimize future campaigns, ultimately leading to more efficient and successful marketing strategies. 

Since its launch, Smart Links have driven over 4 million menu sessions for 35,000 partners. They have proven to be a game-changer for gaining new customers, with 58% of all Smart Links orders coming from new users. Brands running Smart Links have seen ~25% of their menu sessions coming via Smart Links. In fact, during campaign days, brands using Smart Links have seen upwards of 80% of menu visits during campaign periods, leading to disproportionate gains in building brand visibility.

La Milano

Take, for example, La Milano, a Swiggy restaurant partner. By incorporating Smart Links on their social channels, they saw a 13% increase in menu visits and a 10% jump in revenue on campaign days in February. Smart Links helped them bridge the gap between social media discovery and actual sales, making their marketing efforts more effective.

Mumbai Chaska:

A newly onboarded outlet on Swiggy began utilizing Smart Links seven days after joining the platform. Using Smart Links for two consecutive weeks enabled them to overcome the common challenge of a ‘Cold start’. During this period, Mumbai Chaska received 85% of their menu sessions and 44% of their orders through Smartlinks. Notably, 11 other brands experienced comparable success using Smart Links during the same timeframe. 

NIC Ice Creams:

NIC Ice Creams implemented four targeted social media campaigns in March, which led to an 8% surge in menu visits and a 4% increase in orders. These campaigns not only enhanced brand visibility but also provided valuable insights into their return on investment (ROI).

A national coffee brand conducted a two-day campaign in March on their social media platforms, offering their items at a discounted price of ₹190. This initiative resulted in a significant 17.7% increase in menu visits and an 8% rise in orders during the campaign period.

Smart Links are not just links; they are the bridge that connects social media discovery with real-world sales for restaurants. By leveraging the power of social media and providing valuable insights, Smart Links is changing the game for restaurants, helping them grow and succeed in the digital marketplace. Restaurant partners can access Smart Links through the Swiggy Owner app to enhance their online presence and drive growth. 

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