Swiggy Restaurant Awards put a spotlight on India’s Burger Mania

April 19, 2024

Burgers, the ultimate comfort food, have taken India by storm with a staggering 65 orders placed every minute. With over 4.5 lakh unique votes cast in the Swiggy Restaurant Awards burger category, it’s clear that this dish has captured the hearts of foodies nationwide. A total of 577 brands competed for the title of best burger, showcasing the immense popularity and variety in the burger scene.

Top 3 Winners Across India

McDonald’s – Securing a whopping 96,847 votes and ranking first in 34 cities, McDonald’s is a true burger powerhouse. Their best sellers include the McSpicy Chicken Burger, McAloo Tikki Burger, and McVeggie Burger, showcasing their ability to cater to diverse tastes.

Burger King – With 83,645 votes and first place in 26 cities, Burger King is a force to be reckoned with. Best selling dishes like the Veg Whopper, Chicken Whopper, and Crispy Veg Burger, have won over the hearts of burger enthusiasts across the country.

KFC – Known for its fried chicken, KFC also excels in the burger category, securing 46,981 votes and first place in 21 cities. Their Chicken Zinger Burger in Classic and Chicken Krisper Burgers are among the favourites of burger lovers.

Non-chain Outlets Making Waves

While chain outlets dominated the top spots, several non-chain regional outlets also impressed with their offerings. Here are some cities where home grown outlets won first place:

Bangalore – Truffles – With 8,840 votes, Truffles is a local favourite known for its Tandoori Chicken Burger, Cheese Burger, and All American Veg Burger.

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Lucknow – Old Al-Baik – Securing 2,259 votes, Old Al-Baik is renowned for its Chicken Zinger Burger and Chicken Grilled Burger.

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Jaipur – Burger Farm – With 1,801 votes, Burger Farm stands out with its Crispy Masala, Farm Spicy Paneer, and Popeye burgers.

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Kochi – Beyondburg Inc – With 1,947 votes, Beyondburg Inc. delights customers with its Swiss Cheese Burger, Beyond House Burger, and Smoked Bbq Ham Burger.

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Guwahati – Burger Tree – Securing 1,264 votes, Burger Tree is a hotspot for Chicken Cheese Burst Burger, Triple Breast Chicken Burger, and Crispy Chicken Plus Chicken Patty Hybrid Burger.

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Ranchi – Acs – 3 – With 739 votes, Acs – 3 is known for its Chicken Burger, Chicken Classic Zinger, and Chicken Cheese Burger.

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Jammu – Fun Bytes – Fun Bytes earned 606 votes, with the Veg Kebab Burger and Smoked Chicken Burger being popular choices.

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Kolhapur – Akkis Bistro – Akkis Bistro secured 579 votes, offering delights like Akkis Chicken Zinger Burger and American Veggie Burger.

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Aligarh – Al Baik. Xpress – With 594 votes, Al Baik. Xpress is known for its Veg Zinger Burger, Chicken Zinger Burger, and Chicken Popcorn Burger.

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Shillong – The Chicken Wagon – The Chicken Wagon received 459 votes, offering a unique burger stuffed with pulled chicken, local potato fries, fresh lemonade, and dipping sauce.

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The results from the Swiggy Restaurant Awards highlight the diverse and vibrant burger scene in India. Whether you prefer a classic burger from a chain outlet or an innovative creation from a local favourite, there’s no shortage of delicious options to satisfy your burger cravings. To see if your favourite burger brands made the cut in your city, check the complete list of winners here: https://swiggy.onelink.me/888564224/wd9tj2rp

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