Cuisines of Delhi: Traditional Foods You Must Try in the Capital City

June 19, 2023

There is no denying the fact that Delhi is a food-lover’s paradise. Here, you can spot unmatched street delicacies and high-end international cuisines to enhance your palate. As you dine around the capital city of India, you can enjoy all possible expanses at its best.  

In the vibrant city, you can experience standard wine & dine or you can simply relish the mouth-watering flavours of delicious cuisines of Delhi. The city is almost like a buffet of some of the highly sought-after mouth-watering food items you cannot find anywhere else. Whether you devour your favourite cuisines across the squeezy lanes of the old city or the posh restaurants from all around the city serving the most authentic food, there is so much more for food lovers to catch up on when in the capital city.  

What Cuisines to Try Out in Delhi?

1. North Indian Cuisine

North Indian Cuisine

Delhi is the ultimate place to indulge in classic North Indian cuisine. A standard North Indian cuisine is characterized by creamy curries and delicious meats cooked in a traditional tandoor (conventional clay oven). Most of the iconic restaurants in Delhi have interesting histories dating back to the era of the Partition. 

From the lip-smacking Chaats to the all-time famous Chole Bhature, Pani Puri, and desi street food to even five-star restaurant specials, the North Indian cuisine rules over all other classic menus in the lanes of Delhi. The city serves not only every possible North Indian dish but also invents some new recipes to enhance the auspiciousness of the menu.  

North Indian cuisine in Delhi is known for the use of an array of spices that bring out the best in every delicacy. From using whole spices in the process of tempering to using powdered versions that add the much-needed taste in the dishes, the beloved North Indian cuisine in Delhi is a heaven for spice lovers. As we go deeper into the culinary landscape of the cuisine, it becomes evident that even regional cuisines have their own unique use of spices that go into dishes and enrich them with intense flavours. 

Some of the must-visit North-Indian restaurants in Delhi to try out the heavenly North Indian cuisine are Gulati Restaurant, Moti Mahal, Kwality, and so more.   

2. South Indian Cuisines

South Indian Cuisine

South Indian cuisine is indeed one of the aspects that have become the ultimate comfort food for most of us. All of us simply love the fulfilling and simple flavours of this cuisine. Packed with a myriad of flavourful ingredients, a hint of coconut, and delicious spices, it is difficult to resist the overall tastes.  

South Indian cuisine features food items from the famous five states of South India. Together, the unmatched food items shower your taste buds with intense flavours. Be it the Vadai or Sambhar from Tamil Nadu or the classic Rava Idli from Karnataka, the traditional South Indian delicacies bring forth a unique experience to your palate.  

In a city like Delhi, wherein the culinary landscape is dominated by North Indian delicacies like Biryani and Butter Chicken, coming across South Indian restaurants in the city appears like a difficult task. Brace yourselves for a flavourful ride by ordering from some of the best South Indian restaurants in the city, including Juggernaut, Dakshin, Andhra Bhawan, and so on.  

3. Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food remains at the heart of Delhi’s food streets. Take a walk on the local markets, streets, and famous shopping malls of the city, and you will come across posh restaurants and street-side vendors showcasing extensive menus serving both veg and non-veg delights.  

When the Chinese came to India, they couldn’t have imagined that they were carrying with them what one day would become one of the most favourite cuisines of India. Since then, Chinese food in India has undergone a sea of change and the classic Indian Chinese cuisine of its own.  

Indo-Chinese cuisine is the country’s rendition of Chinese cuisine that best Chinese Restaurants across the capital city follow. It is a unique culinary fusion style that blends the aspects of both Chinese and Indian foods and intense flavours. The highlights of the classic Indian Chinese cuisine are the primary ingredients used, including Indian spices and veggies, along with delicious Chinese sauces, oil, and thickening agents. Stir-fried and cooked in a wok, this classic variation takes inspiration from Chinese culinary patterns while adding flavours and spices similar to the Indian palate. 

Chopsuey, Chilli Chicken, Gobi Manchurian, the array of preparations that are truly Indian is extensive and the way they are prepared is diverse. Delhi, the food capital of India, is one destination that offers the best Chinese cuisine. However, as far as Chinese cuisine in Delhi is concerned, the city spans a number of high-end restaurants like The China Kitchen, Royal China Delhi, House of Ming, and so more.  


Delhi has been successful in adopting delicious flavours from all around the country and even abroad. Therefore, you can come across a perfect blend of both national as well as international cuisines you must try in the capital city. Visit the top-rated restaurants as specified by Swiggy and indulge in a true gastronomical experience in terms of the best cuisines of Delhi. 

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