Elevate Your Restaurant’s Visibility with Swiggy’s Self Serve Ads!

May 3, 2024

In the competitive landscape of online food platforms, where countless restaurants vie for attention, getting noticed is crucial for success. To thrive, a restaurant must boost its visibility and grab customers’ interest.

To empower restaurants to stand out and get discovered effortlessly, Swiggy created the Self Serve Ads platform, a user-friendly tool designed to boost sales, drive orders, and attract a wave of new customers, all without any upfront costs and with the freedom to tailor campaigns to individual preferences.               

Key Benefits of Swiggy’s Ads Self Serve Platform:

Easy Campaign Setup: Find personalized campaigns designed especially for your brand, powered by Swiggy’s advanced algorithms. Just review and set up your ads in three easy steps!

Customized Campaign Investments: 

  • Looking to target a specific customer base? Done.
  • Want to run ads only on specific days? Done. 
  • Need to control ad spends? Done! 

With the Self Serve Ads platform, you get more control over creating ad campaigns. We offer a whole bouquet of customization capabilities developed for your convenience.

Transparent Tracking: Track the performance of your ads easily with the new Track Ads section. Dive deep into the performance of your past ads, understand the impact of your active ads, and get full visibility on upcoming ads.

Success Stories: 

Mr. Asif, Owner of AM Biryani

“I find these options useful, especially the feature that suggests investments and allows for ad configuration as needed. I can set up these ads by myself on slower days to increase visibility for my brand and track its progress as well.”

Rochelle Coco, Manager, Coco Thai

“Being able to tailor ads to my business needs has helped attract many new customers to my restaurant, especially on festival days. The real-time ad performance tracking tool also helps me make informed decisions much faster.”

Swiggy’s Self Serve Ads platform offers a powerful way for restaurants to increase their visibility, attract new customers, and drive sales. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, it empowers restaurants to create impactful campaigns tailored to their unique needs. Embrace Swiggy’s Ads Self Serve platform today and watch your restaurant soar to new heights of success!

For further information about this feature or if you have any questions, kindly send an email to partnersupport@swiggy.in.

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