Steering partnerships, scaling success: A Swiggy Director’s Dynamic Journey

July 8, 2024

What is it like to build and maintain long-term business relationships? Uncover the answer as Swiggy’s Director of National Accounts, Bhautik Popat shares his journey of more than five fulfilling years with the company.

Building a successful business is more than what meets the eye. It involves identifying the right opportunities, forming strong associations, and managing them with finesse. Orchestrating it all requires a dynamic professional who is also an able leader. Swiggy found these qualities in Bhautik Popat when he joined the company as a Manager in the National Partnerships Team in 2019. From figuring out innovative business strategies for brands to building trusted relationships with F&B partners, Bhautik has contributed significantly to Swiggy’s growth.   Five-and-a-half years later, as the Director of National Accounts, he continues to leverage his expertise every single day. Here’s his story.

Bhautik Popat.
  1. What was your role when you first joined Swiggy and how has it evolved over the years?

I joined Swiggy as a National Partnerships Manager responsible for leading the business and growth of key partners in the cloud kitchen, quick service restaurants and beverage categories. Over the past five-and-a-half years, I have worn multiple hats, from account management and brand co-creation to leading the planning, performance, and expansion of the gourmet business. Currently, I serve as the regional lead for the National Accounts Team at Swiggy. My journey here has been a source of continuous learning and growth, enabling me to experience both the building and the scaling phases of the business. 

  1. Tell us about your first day at Swiggy.

I recall a standout moment from my first day, where I had a brief conversation with my manager. Not only did he express his confidence in me, but he also assured me that he would always have my back. Seeing such a level of support on day one itself was the biggest boost anyone could have asked for. 

  1. How would you describe your Swiggy journey so far?

It’s been an incredibly enriching experience, both professionally and personally. Swiggy has offered me an accelerated career path and the privilege of working alongside some of the brightest minds, who have gradually become like family to me.  

  1. What inspired you to join Swiggy?

The prospect of working with a company that is revolutionising the food delivery business and setting new standards for customer convenience really appealed to me. This is what first led me to join the organisation. 

  1. And what do you think has played an important role in your decision to stay with Swiggy?

Beyond the great career opportunities, what makes it easy are the incredible people I work with, and the organisation’s DNA that encourages individuals to be themselves. Experiencing all of it in a supportive work environment is something that has kept me going as a Swiggster. 

  1. Being here for over five years now, what would you say has been your best moment with Swiggy?

There have been many such moments of success and happiness with Swiggy, but one that is personally meaningful to me is seeing our year-long DEI efforts come to life with the Swiggy Allyship Group (SWAG). This achievement stands out because it gave me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to contribute to such a thoughtful initiative. 

  1. From all that you’ve learned in your time here till now, are there any lessons that you will carry forward? 

Whether it is being resilient during the pandemic, where we had to pivot quickly and innovate continuously, or understanding the power of collaboration in achieving shared goals, every opportunity has been a learning experience for me. And to be specific, from a sales aspect, a lesson that resonates deeply with me is the importance of negotiating from a position of strength. It’s learnings like these that have shaped my professional growth. 

  1. Coming to Swiggy’s Blended Ways of Working policy, what has your experience been like?

For me, it’s been a positive experience. The policy enables a culture of trust and autonomy, allowing Swiggsters to tailor the work environment in ways that suit us the best. 

Bhautik Popat is Swiggy’s Director of National Accounts.
  1. Which Swiggy value do you connect the most with?

I connect the most with the ‘Think Win-Win’ value. This stands true, especially for Swiggy, where we serve as a bridge between restaurants and customers. Creating mutually beneficial possibilities for all stakeholders is critical to the team’s success. This approach not only enhances business relationships but also ensures sustainable and meaningful outcomes for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

  1.  And lastly, what would you say to the Day One version of yourself?

I would motivate my day one self to embrace the unknown, for it will lead to incredible opportunities. The journey will be filled with unexpected twists and turns, but all of it will show the way to learning and growth. 

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