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It’s been just two weeks since we’ve been getting #SwiggyFanMail – posts from the Swiggy fam on their most memorable moments from a delivery, and our hearts are already bursting with love. Here are stories from last week that made us melt like an icecream in summer. Each of them won Rs. 250 in Swiggy...
Watch Chef Ranveer Brar speak about ordering in, safety protocols he follows, and more. 
In March this year, as many countries announced various degrees of lockdown and safety measures, India too announced a nation-wide lockdown for three weeks. With COVID-19 cases surging during this period individuals and businesses across the country were severely impacted. Businesses of all sizes, across industries suffered the impact of the lockdown as all non-essential...
Seventeen months ago, Mridul Aggarwal, Manager - Menu & Brand Development, made his way to a new vertical at Swiggy - the New Supply wing. Mridul spills the beans on his transition, inspirations, and more.
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