Chennai is home to many must-try and famous food options, and here is a list of the top food dishes you must try if you ever visit this vibrant city.
Can you imagine a world without the food items on this list? To think that these were born out of sheer luck.
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We asked Instamart’s sellers about what drives these efficiently timed deliveries and the female staff who are ensuring this level of customer satisfaction. Here's what we learnt.
There's no in-between. You either love or hate pineapple on pizza. Either way, learn more about this.
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Here's a little information about one of the most loved beverages in India.
Find out what kind of foodie you are and how you inspire Swiggy to do better
How did a seasonal fruit meet the evergreen chocolate to create a love affair for the ages?
An industry-first initiative to ensure that our delivery executives are attended to in minutes in case of an accident
This is the story of Parika Coastal Village, one of Swiggy's oldest restaurant partners.
Here’s all you need to know about what happened behind the scenes at the Swiggy War Room on 31 December, 2022, as the company readied itself to battle out its busiest day. 
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