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Swiggy is celebrating it's eighth anniversary and so, it wanted to celebrate some of its earliest restaurant partners! This story is all about the grit and resilience of Bangalore's Suryawanshi.
Members can avail benefits across the best of Swiggy for food, grocery, and on-demand needs with a single subscription programMembers will now get unlimited free delivery across all restaurants within 10 Km and on orders above Rs 149Members can save more with exclusive offers on 1,000+ popular products on Swiggy Instamart June 02, 2022, National: Swiggy,...
When Vijay Gulia couldn't find "authentic" food of his choice in Dehradun, he simply started his own kitchen. Here's how Swiggy's sales manager helped him.
Here’s how Swiggy's account manager Abdhul Nisham helped Junaid and Krishnapriya take their small kitchen to greater heights.
When Vibin Santhanadoss took over the account of the decades old restaurant Guest Hotel in Chennai, he knew the task ahead was not going to be as soft as, well, the idlis they serve. 
By Akshita Changan At 12.15 a.m. 64 kms away from my destination, with the temperature dropping to 17 degrees, my bike ran out of fuel and came to an abrupt halt.        It was a quiet night with no one in sight. My brother and I waited by the roadside figuring out a way to reach...
When a restaurant brand has a well-curated menu, great brand presence and a product that sells like, well hot pizza, it becomes difficult to take it to another level. But, for Swiggy’s Key Account manager Nikhil Naikpawar, this was just a project he was waiting for. 
Amidst the annoyance of virtual meetings and weddings with no free food (what’s even the point then?) here’s a light piece of poetry that can turn any boring room into a food and nature lover’s paradise. PS: For added ~feels~ start this playlist in the background ?
This Yoga Day, we thought we’d do a simple yoga class for those who’ve never take one (Or have taken one and quit at some point). Here’s some basic poses you can do on days other than Yoga Day too, to keep yourself calm.
Well, not ‘cause our favourite ‘Jakey’ Peralta is a snacc (he totally is though, no doubt!). But because we binge-watched all of Brooklyn Nine-Nine again, for the 457568967th time, on Netflix! (#SorryNotSorry). And this time our brain couldn’t help itself but look for similarities between some of our favourite Nine-Niinne friendships and some iconic food. ...
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