From 2 cities to 11 cities, 30 minute deliveries to 15 minute deliveries, 0 users to 7.5 lakh users, in the past one year, you can say Swiggy Instamart’s grown. But you know what – if it wasn’t for some of our users and the big little things they ended up teaching us, we would’ve...
We know when you’re watching the match, you don’t really want to do anything else. But you also don’t want to be hungry. So we’ve kind of reached a compromise – we’ve created half-time recipes. For snacks you can whip up in just 15 minutes. Like the one below.
Two long weekends are around the corner, which means you FINALLY have some time to put up your feet and catch a breather. And since the last thing you need spoiling your holidays are chores, we’ve put together a whole day’s worth of super simple, one-mug recipes for you. We recommend ‘mugging’ them up –...
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