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If there was anyone who loves data and finding patterns it has to be Meghana Negi. Here’s how she has been bringing about change for women in the tech space.
What to eat. Mood and craving based food
Swiggy, India’s leading online food delivery platform is revolutionizing the way users choose their meals with the launch of an industry-first ‘WhatToEat’ feature. Recognizing that food cravings are closely tied to emotions, and that an abundance of choices can hinder decision-making, Swiggy aims to simplify the selection process by offering personalized recommendations tailored to users’...
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This is the story of Ramya Subramanian, a Swiggster who embodies Swiggy's value "act like an owner" and takes charge in every aspect of her life.
Here’s how one business in Mumbai made a sweet comeback after the pandemic and how Minis on Swiggy is helping them grow.
Healthy restaurants in Ahmedabad Ahmedavadis love food! If you are also a food afficionado, you would love visiting this food haven in Gujarat. While the city offers numerous options to satiate your palate for some Gujarati delights, you will also come across a number of healthy food joints that give way to nutritious and delicious dishes....
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This is how one Swiggy account manager helped a restaurant owner in Bihar start and scale up his restaurant
The increasing cosmopolitan culture and the rise of world-class educational institutions across the city have brought forth an increased demand for healthy, nutritious food options for the population. With amazing weather, great nightlife, & beautiful holiday destinations nearby, Pune gives you a perfect escape from the tedious weeklong work.    A trip to Pune cannot be...
Ahmedabad, the heart of Gujarat, is a paradise for foodies, and the Gujarati Thali is the crown jewel of its cuisine. From the first sip of the welcome drink to the last bite of dessert, a Gujarati Thali is a culinary journey that tantalises your taste buds and satisfies your soul.  The city’s vibrant food culture reflects its rich...
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