This is how Minis on Swiggy helped Bangalore-based Soapistry reach many new homes.
Here’s the story of how two people took their love for all things food and beverages and converted it into their business —  Local Ferment Co.
Ice cream flavours come and go. You tend to remember the ones that you really like, and the ones you genuinely dislike. Which category does this one fall in?
Rich in history, Ahmedabad is an exciting metropolis you must visit at least once in your lifetime. It is quite a fascinating city to explore for its buildings, museums, old quarter, and the intense food scene. Apart from the amazing garba nights this city hosts, Ahmedabad is renowned for its friendly people and hospitality. And...
The southern-most metropolis of India, Chennai is a vibrant culinary destination. Often perceived about being a region that is overly skewed towards South Indian cuisine, Chennai serves a diverse culinary experience. While on one side, the city takes pride in its booming economy and thriving culture of arts and music, Chennai is also home to...
Mumbai is a city blessed with a beautiful paradox of modernity and tradition, chaos and peace, beauty and glamour. This place offers a lot of attraction points, from ancient temples, bustling streets, and rows of magnificent skyscrapers to an abundance in cultural richness. Mumbai definitely lives up to its name, i.e., ‘the city of dreams’....
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